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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sister Scrooge on Christmas Eve

       They both raced to the velvet chaise next to their parent’s bed. "Goodnight girls. Sweet dreams." Daddy had taken them outside and covered them for the night. It felt like the North Pole. Bitter cold winds swept around the house and the temperature took a dive into something Californians typically only see in fancy, French-doored Sub-Zero refrigerators—something resembling popsicles.
Summer days in the window(Fiona up close and Pinky)

Getting comfortable when it's cold is generally difficult for Chihuahuas. They aren't used to cold weather and even with pink sweaters, their ears and toes feel icy.  
Walking with Mommy-- wearing coats


"Move over or I'm telling Mom!" Pinky whined. “Tomorrow’s Christmas and we have to be good!” 
"Bah humbug," Fiona mumbled, as she sprawled her matchstick legs behind her as far as they would go. A complete and utter Scrooge, her adorable face and diminutive physique didn’t automatically make her sweet. “All you ever want are treats and more treats,” she said with a haughty tone. “The only reason you want to be good is so you can get more snacks. Will you ever stop being a slob?”
 "For an itty-bitty thing you sure are nasty!” Pinky made a sad face, accidentally pulling part of the covers off Fiona.
"You are a moron. Why don’t you shut up or grow up? For goodness sake, aren’t you like seventy-seven in human years?" Fiona grunted. "Go to sleep and leave me alone.” She buried her face into the soft comforter and closed her eyes.
After a long day of home inspections, kitchen floor cleanups and all around holiday excitement, Pinky was tired too. Outweighing Fiona by at least fifteen pounds wasn't enough to give Pinky the upper hand. In fact, Fiona was in charge of everything and it wasn't fair. 
This is their large and spacious bed
 Using her nose, she pushed Fiona's skinny legs aside and plopped onto the green chaise. A few minutes later, the tinier Chihuahua re-positioned herself under the covers. Pinky didn't want to complain but a small growl attracted Mommy who came to make sure they were properly covered. First, she wanted to take a peek at her two naughty pups. To her delight, she found Fiona's head resting on Pinky's patient haunches. 

“Aren’t you two the cutest? Merry Christmas,” she whispered. We’ll have sleighs full of fun tomorrow. After turning off the light, she listened to the wind howling in the yard and wondered whether it might snow. And as the light of the full moon crept under the window shades, she thanked God for all her blessings--even the furry, four-legged ones--now sleeping like angels.... 


  1. Oh my goodness...."her matchstick legs" are a perfect description and made me laugh. :D

    They're adorable!!

  2. Such a wonderful story.
    Whenever I see them together I have to laugh at the size difference.
    We are getting your cold weather. Hard freeze at 26 tonight. There goes a few more Grapefruit trees tonight.
    Stay warm !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks Parsnip!! I'm so sorry about your grapefruit!

  3. Wonderful post!

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and that your sleigh was full. :) Happy 2016- may it be full of good health, happiness, and peace.