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Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Opinion: 5 Blogging Rules

Every once in awhile, I’ll read some article about how to blog or how to never blog or things you should blog about and things you should never blog about and all this nebulous stuff which drives me crazy. Then I notice they have a big gold medal stuck on their blog as if they were the queen or king of bloggers from blog heaven and they know more about blogging than any normal human on the face of the planet, simply because they've been blogging since Lincoln was the President of the United States.
Lincoln--An advocate of freedom and thus
blogging from the heart!

Here’s My Take on Their Rules:

5 Cardinal Rules of Blogging

If you want something published someday then don’t put it on your blog because then it has been published and your future publisher won’t think it’s unique and he might also think you’re stupid for breaking this cardinal rule. Duh. Who is their reading audience-let me guess—idiots? Every writer knows that once it’s posted on a blog, it’s published. That’s one of the reasons we blog to provide the world with ORIGINAL content. None of my friends are senseless enough not to know this but it keeps coming up in the blogosphere.
Don’t bad mouth agents on your blog. NO KIDDING!! Agents? How about ‘don’t bad mouth’ ANYONE in the universe? Sheesh. While I realize agents are special and deserve special treatment they are humans who need to be regular too. Yes, many of them probably take Metamucil too.
Offer a reason for others to visit your blog. This is good advice! Hopefully my blog’s merit stands on its delicate entertainment value because I can’t offer much more. When I offer writing advice, you should always take it with a grain of salt because there are much better writers in the world with advanced degrees in subordinate and insubordinate clauses. That being said, my creative overuse of adverbs and other verboten stuff is all from the heart.
Build a platform. Oh, here’s one that I have truly screwed up. BIG TIME!! First of all, you’re supposed to reply to all the comments which I enjoy doing through email but not everyone has the same system so I should reply after each comment. Whoops. Then after building that platform one scaffold at a time by entering blog runs, hops and gaining popularity with readers clamoring for more of my silly poems, photos and retro perspectives on nature, God and book reviews, I committed the worse sin of all by changing the name of my blog.(My blog used to be called The Desert Rocks dot 
10,000 views a month shriveled like an impotent prune. Not to worry, because with your help my dear patient followers, I’m determined to regain that standard and more!

Lastly, don’t have more than one blog because it’s very confusing and time consuming for your followers. Help your followers find you. If they can’t figure it out or are lost in a quagmire of posts from strangers, they might give up and go somewhere else. Yikes. Don’t worry, I'm happy to have strangers visit anytime. Anyway, according to the blog-gods, I did this correctly. I have one blog and it’s Sure, it’s titled Intangible Hearts because my blog is filled with my sensitivity handed to you in intangible chunks. 


  1. Very good. If we spent our time reading and following all the advice for writers out there, we wouldn't have time to write!
    You write with a smile in your heart. And I especially laughed at your reference to Metamucil.

  2. Ahhh rules. I'm awful about following them usually. :) But it's good to keep them in mind though. :)

  3. I knew that first one all right!
    I do co-host several other blogs, but I'd like to think that it's obvious the one with my author name is my main one.
    I don't reply to individual comments, though - I reply in batches. I was also told in the beginning that it might look like I was padding my comment count. It is a cool way to respond to others but I like my routine of batches.

  4. Eve, just learn the rules--then break every one of them. That's what will make you stand out as an original. I'm serious. I don't do rules...though I am considering consolidating all of my blogs into one.

  5. The problem with having a multitide of blogs is that when you close one down permanently, it can still get hijacked by a spammer and thus your followers might wake up to fifty different posts at once selling insurance, medication, and a week's vacation in Timbuktu.

    I just post what comes to mind as I go along... don't really follow any rules.

  6. You have made some great points! The best blogging is done from the heart on what you are passionate about and then hopefully your readers will care! :-)

  7. I visit 30 some blogs on a daily basis, sometimes I comment, sometimes I don't. It really depends on how much time I have at work to think about my comment. Do I get coffee first, or after I comment? That is the question.

    I enjoy the collaboration more than anything, so I don't think I could start another blog even if I wanted. :)

  8. I'd love to read Abraham Lincoln's blog.

    Hm .... an idea is forming ....

  9. Cool post, Eve. There's always some bossy boots who think they know better than the rest of us mortals. Rules, schmules.

  10. Rules are made to be broken, Evie.

  11. I love your post and I am going to take on board what you said. It's a blogger's dream in many respects but there are some pitfalls that's for sure.

  12. Dropped in from PnP and am following.

  13. I started my blog -- -- three years ago because of a writers' workshop on blogging as an essential platform for writers. The first golden rule was to blog only one monitor's length--or just a wee bit longer than that--or you would lose your audience!