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Monday, October 12, 2015

Desert Rocks Rolls From Coachella to Temecula Valley

It’s no secret I love rocks. Each so unique, surprising and though sometimes brittle, they offer support when we climb, represent stability and strength and can look amazing showing off colorful stratigraphy such as solidified sediment whether dotted in speckles, dressed in solids or glittering with microscopic gems, silica or quartz. My previous blog was titled The Desert Rocks because one of the things that attracted me to the desert was the megaliths rising from the sand in the Coachella Valley. In fact, they drew me like a magnet and I had to live there until pulling myself back to normal society ten years later. Lured and enchanted by the historic boulders, I had to stare at the reassuring mountain of rocks every morning and see them every night.
The summer heat makes this look a bit hazy.
The entire point of Penniless Hearts is about moving on with your life, and there on the first page, my book begins like this: “Rocks and boulders that stand atop mountains for eons eventually loosen their solid grip, tumbling down into awaiting valleys.” I had to leave my beloved rocks and move to a place where rocks were no more than perhaps the foundation upon which to build the rest of my life. No more ragged mountains of stone to drool over every morning or comforting peaks shielding my insecurities. I had to leave the purple hazed shadows, the apricot sunrise, the tan sunset and step back into reality because I didn’t need rocks. I had learned my lesson. I, am a rock.

Today, I still have the Desert Rocks as a creative writing business and I’d love to help anyone needing assistance by writing something truly original and effective. When I write something for another business, I infuse it with various layers similar to a sedimentary rock, making it colorful like igneous rock but also keeping it professional by using all the positive aspects that move business forward with the needed conglomerate or metamorphic principles necessary for success. The writing has to make someone move like the ones tumbling out of the valley. Like me.

When I’m not working on the sequel to Penniless Hearts or writing poetry, I’m working on my business, Desert Rocks Creative Media. If you need help coming up with a clever domain name, a slogan, or simply need a re-write for your resume or web page, my 25 years of copy-writing, creative writing, marketing and advertising experience will help you gain the attention you need. My ideas have helped many entrepreneurs with ad-copy, press releases and website content. I’ve ghostwritten a few children’s stories and recently even found out I wrote a song for someone who recorded my lyrics. From conceptualization to implementation, my goal is to write engaging, informative or humorous material to create movement and thereby action.

It should also be noted, that while I edit and proofread all of my own work, I am not an editor and do not find editing interesting or creative. If you are looking for someone to edit or rework your writing, then please ask for a referral. 

The best way to reach me is to email me at evegaal@gmail(dot) com. Please send me a note so we can get started on changing your perspective, solidifying your brand and more importantly, increasing profit.


  1. Speaks to me today. Thanks Eve



  2. Eve, do we have you listed at the IWSG? We need to!

  3. I am a rock loving person.
    Being raised in the desert it gets in your soul.
    It never leaves you.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Your writing is an inspiration Eve. You always express things so beautifully.

  5. Intangible Hearts has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.