Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mountain Drive

We didn't have time to pick apples but stopped to buy a gallon of cider and a bag of Jonagold apples anyway.  Jonagold apples are sweet and have a thin skin. Delicious. With a name like Eve, I'm always tempted and yes, we bought an apple pie too but they used Granny Smith apples for the pie! SOUR!! 
Pie should be sweet like you, my fine friends. Hope you are all having a great day!

 It was a gorgeous day for a drive through our local mountains. Over eighty degrees, sunshine and a mild breeze that cooled to seventy degrees at the 8,000 foot level. 

Could this really be the end of October?
I missed trees while living in the desert.

Have you ever picked apples in an orchard? What is your favorite apple? 
Gala, Fuji and Macintosh are also delicious. Do you like Granny Smith Apples?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Pinky Poem

We have two rescue dogs. One of them still misses her original owner but is a great guard dog...eh...most of the time. She's only fifteen pounds but acts and sounds like a hundred. Most of you met her a few weeks ago in another post but since I've written so much about her sister Fiona, thought I'd concentrate on Pinky today.

The Insomniac Dog

By Eve Gaal
She stares out from under her blanket
To make sure we’re asleep.
Lifts her head at every noise,
Listening to the sounds of the night:
The clock,
The fake ocean sound machine,
A bird landing on the roof,
A car racing down the road,
The refrigerator.

She is no fool.
Ready to bark or growl,
To guard with her life,
Chew the flesh off anyone who enters
Without invitation.

And yet--
Last night,
A dish fell--
Made a racket,

While she finally slept.
Do you like this selfie?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Boo! Have You Ever Considered Acupuncture?

I know, I know--this is not what you expected around here but I wrote this as a researched, example of my writing for a content mill website. They rejected my writing sample and so I'm posting it here and I'll let you judge the article for yourself. Plus, I'm a firm believer in acupuncture. Actually,when a gastrointestinal surgeon said he wanted to operate, simply because I had some sort of irritable stomach disorder, it was time to look for other options. This all happened more than twenty years ago and knock on wood, the acupuncture worked! With Halloween around the corner, maybe I can scare you with this....
No matter how old or mature we are, the first time we hear about acupuncture we are slightly shocked at the thought of, what we envision as huge sewing needles, like the ones our mother used to darn socks with, being used to cure whatever ails us. In fact, a basic description might be all we needed to inspire us to live healthy and eat our vegetables.

Once we’re over the fear factory and realize acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical treatment that can help improve our sleep, ease our aching backs, soothe our digestion, dull our headaches/ arthritis, help us lose weight, quit smoking and give us incredible energy, that’s when considering acupuncture sounds like a wonderful choice for continual health. The minimally invasive technique uses very thin needles that are supposed to unblock the negative things holding us back from a happy life. A trained practitioner pinpoints the exact locations needed to increase the flow of positive energy and applies the sterilized, single-use needles. Every acupuncture office has a diagram showing the exact location of these ‘flow channels’ that are commonly  called meridians. The acupuncture specialist will meet with you to find out your needs and they will create a personalized treatment program based on your individual situation.

Though the use of acupuncture has become a controversial subject in the Western world of health and medicine, there are many, many supporters and medical professionals, including doctors, who prescribe acupuncture as an alternative option for continuous care.

Unlike strong medications with serious side effects, the side effect most associated with acupuncture is an increased bodily awareness. This awareness, coupled with gradual improvements can feel like a side effect because of the new, open and now flowing channels of positive energy. In Western medicine, the doctor might call that feeling euphoric or explain how endorphins have released into your bloodstream for one reason or another. Since everything is moving again, you might feel tired but by combining acupuncture and getting a good night’s rest, you will feel amazing!

In rare cases, there are patients whose skin feels sensitive and sore for 24 hours after the needles are removed but remember, these are qualified, trained specialists and the needles are extremely thin. 

Your health and well-being begins with knowing and understanding your options. If it has to do with your body, your life and your happiness, then you should ask questions, read all the information available and take control of your health today. 

What do you think? "No way, no how?"