Saturday, July 31, 2021

My First Podcast

The wonderful ladies at the After the After Show interviewed me about my books on their first Annual Marketing Palooza. This is an exciting way for readers to hear directly from authors about their novels. After an author writes a book, they spend hours revising, polishing, proofing, and editing their work. Soon, it seems the book is part of their life, like a baby about to be set free into the world. When it's finally published, they want to make sure it gets into the hands of people who will appreciate what they wrote. That's why this show is a great way for listeners to choose which books they want to take on vacation, or have on the bedside table. Readers have so many choices, and giving them a verbal and intimate menu is a great idea. Thank you!!  

While the hosts of the show, McKensie Stewart and Amy Shannon, sound cool, calm and collected, my mouth took a hold of my nerves and ran around my monkey brain looking for anything coherent to say. Fortunately, I only had two minutes to tell my story. (I'm last after this amazing group.)

Idelle Kursman-(Check out her website for a free magnet)

Amy Shannon-(Author, Editor & Book Reviewer)

Chris Karlsen(Ex-detective!)

Listen to it here: 

 The After Show with Eve

"Whatever we can do to help other authors."--Amy Shannon, Author of Unlawful Identity

Thank again you for having me on the show!