Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Fabric of Love

Psalm 13913: You formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother's womb.

I’m winding prayers onto spools.
Every night
and morning—
In between-- 
for those who need it.
A sort of Oompa Loompa
feeding into the atmosphere with
material made of my soul.
I’m not alone.
This colorful tapestry of prayer
can unravel like crocheted pieces
that need to be reworked.
Quite a global mega project.
When hearts are bursting with pain,
We clasp hands to each other embracing those we love--
Kiss them on the cheek--
glad they’re alive.
We are knit together.
Collective tears drop into floods--
 or get lost in rubble--
quakes in Italy--
homes burning in California.
There are children running from bombs in 2016!
Babies are dying.
It’s time to untangle the anger.
And some people
add to the drama
because they are mad
or just plain bad.
Children dodging bombs in Syria?
Shootings here--there and everywhere?
A 7 year old tried to sell his teddy bear for food—last week in Ohio.
Here--in the U.S. A.
We’re up to our ears in knots!
Can we weave our prayers together?
A tighter--powerful hold—
create a peaceful pattern--

double and triple stitched from the spools of our prayers?

Monday, August 8, 2016

Five Important Messages From Beyond

I haven’t actually met any aliens but let’s say we communicated through some intergalactic messaging system. My first thoughts would believe it’s a divine type of correspondence, such as angels sending humankind messages. Sadly, many would doubt my celestial notions and tell me I’d be jumping to conclusions, because modern science does keep reminding us that there’s life on other planets. Besides, who am I to interpret or translate for the Almighty?
Photo from Wikepedia
Either way, whoever is sending me messages is obviously interested in restoring humanity to our world. Lately, I’m receiving more than usual-- of these peaceful and wonderful trans-communications--so I thought I’d share them with you here:  

Don’t stress-(“Let it Be”--Aliens seem to love old Beatles’ songs—I heard it playing during the transmission) My interpretation of this includes road rage, cussing and giving idiots the finger.

Accept it and move on. There are other planets and if it’s too much, at least you have New Zealand. (Canada will work well in a pinch—at least after the election.)

Assist each other as best as you can. Love one another like brothers and sisters—(when possible.)
(This is what made me think heavenly message because it steered clear of romantic love but are aliens romantic?)

Realize that differences make humans interesting and entertaining. While sheep are cute and it’s a great Biblical analogy—humans shouldn’t act like sheep or zombies. (I’m paraphrasing—there was some static).

Use all your talents to create smiles and spread them around. (I love this one!)

I look forward to our daily exploration of the universe and all the possibilities within and around our domain upon Earth. I also hope that during difficult times in your life and even in the lives of those you love, you’ll find the strength to pursue, to achieve success and to conquer all obstacles blocking or zooming in front of you, during any part your journey.