Monday, February 23, 2015

Modern Day Haiku

There are those who write
There are those who understand
There are those who read.

Do you hear the wind?
Take a moment to listen.
It’s a lovely sound.

Can you imagine?
Her book is a bestseller!
Hard to imagine.

Do you read eBooks?
What books do you like reading?
Well good books of course.

Look me in the eye.
Please put down your mobile phone,
Can we have a chat?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

I send you a kiss.
One memorable kiss
That you can feel in your heart.
No spittle,
No germs,
No embarrassing breath—
Lipstick stains,
Slamming doors,
Or drama of any kind.
Just the faint whisper
Of heated air
Passing your cheek-
Lingering long enough
To mingle in your scent.
My gift between
Consenting adults.
One solitary kiss
That doesn’t lead to more.
No lusting,
Nothing sexy....

Like a misplaced hair
Tickling your face
Or a soft tissue
Wiping a tear.
One solitary kiss.
My little present
For you to accept-
To remember when
The calendar pages
Fall like autumn leaves-
To unveil when times are hard-
To savor when you’re alone.

I send you a kiss.

Did you get it?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Never Say Never!

I said never again...but maybe I was kidding. Maybe I just can’t say no to Arlee but every year when the A to Z Challenge comes up—I sign up like some sort of drug-induced sheep. Or maybe more like a sow before she’s recycled into breakfast bacon, because I’m totally committed and looking forward to a month of hyper-fast blogging.

The theme I've chosen is HOME and I don’t mean home improvement and recipes, although it would be fun trying to put some meat on these intangible bones. In other words, I’d love to give you something concrete you could use but most of the posts will be about that feeling of home. I’ll be blogging about the smells, laughter and love that make a house a home—simple and pure—just random thoughts and poems from my heart.  Hope to see you every week, but in April, I hope you can visit me every day! (Also, if you have a blog don't forget to sign up and tell me your theme.)

Meanwhile, in case you missed my post about the Super Bowl on Linked-in, here’s a link: It's just a reminder to NEVER give up!Super