Monday, January 27, 2020

New Year Image Blog

The sky above our home seems
 to be sending a variety of New Year messages,
 indicating what looks like, happiness, inspiration and peace. 
Maybe these glorified tweets or heavenly missives are meant to be shared?






Have you looked up lately? 

Monday, January 6, 2020

Do It in 2020!

Happy New Year to everyone!

The idea of an entire year filled with unlimited possibilities stirs the creativity in my heart. There’s so much to do for those who want to do it. Time is in the hands of those who want to help, create and serve. The other humans must wait. They feel time is sluggish. My old boss called them clock-watchers. At five o'clock they'd dash for the door, racing out of the parking lot as if something exciting waited at home. (Though the mannerisms looked exhilarating, these fast-moving coworkers were going home simply to feed their children and pets.)

Hopefully, though these type of folks feel the day is taking forever, they are filled with gratitude. Perhaps these individuals will be your audience or your patient. They will attend your recital, your gallery, visit your showroom and read your book. You will be counting on these other people to review your business. They will go to your medical office, listen to your speeches, find inspiration in your sales spiel and give you five stars.
And, don’t forget the satisfaction of starting and completing something wonderful. Think about how fast time flies when you’re literally putting out fires? Saving a life? Guiding a river raft tour? Or parking a cruise ship, driving a cab, even baking a cake? Isn't doing something--anything--better than waiting in line? 

Within reason, you can make your dreams come true. Set a goal. Write it down and think of all the positive energy you will bring to your project. Stay focused. Meet with friends who support your endeavors. Teamwork can be magic!

Think of each day as a stepping stone crossing a mighty river. There will be those slippery, weird days filling you with trepidation. But you have a plan, and a brand-new year in front of you. Anything is possible. After all, it's 2020!

Here's hoping all your dreams come true!