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Behind the Intangible Heart

Eve Gaal

If anyone remembers me from school in Orange County, he or she might know I loved reading and writing poetry.
Many of my poems were published in school periodicals and yearbooks. In college, some of my humble poems made the school paper but unfortunately, financial goals pushed me into the advertising side of writing. Most newspapers enjoyed my creativity which helped revenues but sadly, advertising wasn’t helping me move toward my life long dream of writing meaningful poetry and prose. Outside of a short stint as a restaurant columnist, I had to turn my back on my newspaper career and return to a world of mystery and the unknown. I had to create a future based on words. No big newspaper group to back me up—no management to prod me forward—no graphic artists to worry about—no sick days—just me and whatever I wanted to write about.

Currently I’m a freelance writer and though I occasionally help businesses with advertising copy, my emphasis is on poetry and fiction. Recent work has appeared in various anthologies, journals and even The Los Angeles Times. My first novel, Penniless Hearts is doing well on Amazon and garnering glowing reviews from around the world. I’m working on a stand alone sequel called Penniless Souls. My short faith-based fantasy novella called The Fifth Commandment is currently available for Kindle readers. 

For more information or to see some of my publishing credits, please visit my website at 

Nature—more than anything--inspires me to write. In nature, I see God. I see love—I see truth and mystery.

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