Monday, December 6, 2021

Ever See a Rock Snake?


One of the places we enjoy trekking is the Lake Elsinore levee, where a kind person came up with the creative idea of a rock snake, that currently slithers down the trail for over half a mile.

The white birds are pelicans and egrets

Carefully painted, decorated rocks adjacent to the path, pull attention from ducks, pelicans, hawks and egrets like a display at a modern art museum. There are also rabbits bounding across into wild scrub brush, lizards sunning themselves on warm rocks, and who knows, maybe real snakes? Yikes. The rock snake is good enough for me.

Not only cute and entertaining, we have even added a rock from my personal Desert Rocks Collection. (Long story, but I painted rocks of the Coachella Valley and began freelance writing as The Desert Rocks, after leaving the newspaper business.)

The levee is a simple, flat walk with rest stops and fresh ocean breezes that swirl over nearby mountains from Orange County beaches. It’s the perfect place to stretch your legs and catch up on some local art!

Maybe it's a crow?

 A real turkey vulture
Watch out, is that a turkey vulture?  

Vulture at rest

Painted rocks....

as far as the eye can see.