Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Autumn's Warning



Crisp autumn seems to

gently negotiate with those of us used to warm climes.

Bold winds and light sprinkles advertise coming times.

New shows on the marquee,

mannequins with coats,

candy sales and baked brie.

January and February will be nippy,

she whispers among falling leaves.

Is your wine chilled or are you tipsy?

Craving hot appetizers on cool platters,

we want al fresco dining ‘til our teeth chatter.


Prepare yourself autumn seems to say.

Before everything turns gray.

Fix the furnace before it’s too late.

Shorter days are worth the wait?

Stock up on tea bags and cocoa,

there might be snow.

You never know.

Time to dig out sweaters and socks,

hide the shorts--ditch the flipflops.

Trade lemonade for pumpkin lattes--

and secretly pray for long summer days.



Eve Gaal