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Saturday, July 4, 2020

A Poem-The Tireless American Rose

The Tireless American Rose
Eve Gaal

The tireless American rose.
Graced our fallen,
pricked our foes.
A graveside decoration,
saluted by soldiers,
a comfort to widows,
the perfume of angels,
to any discerning nose.

A queen’s bouquet,
a honeymoon kiss,
where petal strewn walkways,
grace romantic getaways.
Glistening with a bride’s tears,
or a lucky graduate’s surprise,
maybe a new mother’s gift,
and those wreaths explode with beauty,
when loved ones die.

The tireless American rose,
seen at parades,
waiting after war.
There backstage,
awarding every star.
A centerpiece at the gala,
a holiday corsage,
there to win,
every battle,
every kind of heart.

With, or without thorns,
Through raging pain,
On altars,
At hospitals,
In the ICU or ER,
where dying breaths remember,
the tireless American rose.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Crying or Laughing?

Those of you who visit my blog regularly, know I like to dabble in drawing. My last post was about painting, and how landscapes can become a type of escape, especially during tough times.

Most fiction writers’ study human behavior or psychology, so they can create or “paint with words,” characters with realistic qualities. Right now, all you have to do is turn on the television, where the evening news is filled with colorful protesters who shout about peace, while carrying firearms. Oddly, if I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t believe it and novel readers wouldn’t find it believable either.  

Mark Twain said:

 Truth Is Stranger than Fiction, But It Is Because Fiction Is Obliged to Stick to Possibilities; Truth Isn’t.”

I’m sure you’ll agree these are unusual times, and the fact that everyone has a different emotion, inspired my original cartoon.  

Will someone have the last laugh?
What about you?

(By Eve Gaal)

Monday, June 1, 2020

Spread Peace Through Art--Wish I Knew How to Paint!


Pastures painted in vivid greens,
‘neath skies of blended blues;
soothing scenes depict tranquility,
of places past--
Where tall grass blows upon a lea,
shepherds tend gentle flocks,
work horses graze,
farmhands nap,
chickens waddle to a trough.

How fortunate that grandmother knew how to paint.
Her heart,
in cracking oils on canvas,
randomly splashed on my suburban walls,
reminds me,
and those who visit,
peace and serenity.

And you!
How lucky are you?
Given a chance to leave a legacy,
to express yourself with art.
A lifetime ahead--anew--
to spread love to future generations.
Please pick up the brush,
the pencil,
even a box of crayons.
It’s never too late to begin.

(Written by Eve Gaal in loving memory of her talented grandmother, who knew the influence of art.)

Thursday, May 21, 2020

We're Almost There-30 More ideas

Don’t Give Up!
Here’s Some More ideas
to help keep you busy while at home.
(I tried something like this one.)

1.       Play cards. Rummy, poker or 52 pickup?
2.       Paint a rock for gifts or paper weights.
3.       Have a balloon fight on the patio
4.       How about a family barbecue?
5.       Make chocolate or vanilla shakes
6.       Decoupage might be fun-no Mod Podge? Use Elmer’s glue.
7.       Quilting with scraps
8.       Chalk drawings on the sidewalk
9.       Make lemonade or iced tea in different flavors
10.   Read an ebook (I can suggest several good ones!)
11.   Write a book review on Amazon
12.   Cut your bangs? Maybe not.
13.   Color your own hair?
14.   Tell ghost stories
15.   Take a fancied-up bubble bath. Candles, rolled towels.
16.   Cupcake or cookie decorating
17.   Record a video and post it on YouTube.
18.   Clean some windows
19.   Sew curtains/pillows
20.   Play trivia games-party games
21.   Jump rope or hopscotch?
22.   Blanket tents and forts
23.   Make a giant tic-tac-toe game out of painted cardboard.
24.   Call Grandma and Grandpa
25.   Have a hole? Darn it.
26.   Slow cooker chili. Yum
27.   Identify plants and trees around your home-draw them
28.   Extravagant Ice cream sundae festival with sprinkles
29.   Masquerade ball at home with costumes
30.   Teach your dog to roll over or fetch?

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

50 Not So Boring Ideas for Staying At Home

Does it sound like this in your home?
“I’m bored.”
“Can we go do something?”
“Do we have to stay home?”
“Mom, did you know some people go to the beach?”
“You just want me to do chores.”
“When can I go to school?”
“I already washed my hands.”
“I don’t want to stay home.”
“Can I walk the dog, again?”
“Read? Why?”

Not everyone likes staying at home but it can be fun. There are so many fun things to do and none of them are on television!
Here are a few ideas to help make the stayathome situation better.
Most of these require adult supervision:
1.       Read to each other (Prizes for best listener?)

2.       Bake something together

3.       Play board-games or invent one of your own.

4.       Plant a container garden

5.       Use a Karaoke App. (There are many)

6.       Dance together

7.       Learn to crochet or start a new crochet or knitting project

8.       Pull out the Play Doh and make beads for key-chains.

9.       Let the Lego imagination take hold of your inner creator

10.   Sew pretty pillows and don’t forget to have a pillow fight.

11.   Mix some fruity, non-alcoholic cocktails. Cranberry juice and pineapple?

12.   Have you ever made ice-cream?

13.   Plan an appetizer menu where everyone contributes something unique.

14.   Jigsaw puzzles will make the time fly by.

15.   Practice reading or math with flashcards.

16.   Paint a room together. Get help with the masking tape.

17.   Coloring books are not just for kids anymore.

18.   Camp out in the backyard with a tent and maybe S’mores

19.   Learn to set a fancy table with cloth napkins

20.   Assemble a centerpiece from silks, or arrange flowers from the garden.

21.   Take photos and make a collage. Old magazines might help too.

22.   Draw or paint a painting of birds, flowers, bunnies or butterflies.

23.   Do you know how to play chess? I bet someone would like to learn.

24.   All right, a few computer games won’t hurt.

25.   Wash and dry the family pets. Take photos.

26.   Don’t forget to pray together or at least quote an inspirational Psalm.

27.   Practice handwriting and penmanship or calligraphy. It’s a lost art.

28.   Call your far away relatives and make sure they’re okay.

29.   Write follow-up letters to those same relatives. Add decorative stickers.

30.   Press some flowers into the pages of a thick book.

31.   Write poems or haiku

32.   Find an exercise video or play virtual sports on a Wii.

33.   Make some bread dough and create the world’s greatest pizza

34.   Braid a rag rug from scraps and old sheets.

35.   Make paper mâché from old newspapers and some flour.

36.   Keep a quarantine journal to look back on these strange times.

37.   Rearrange a closet or pantry and recruit some helpers

38.   Learn to play an instrument by watching YouTube videos.

39.   Go for a nearby hike but practice social distancing

40.   Make candy—taffy, toffee, brittle, honeycomb, divinity, fudge, etc.

41.   Make a fort or castle with old boxes.

42.   Have you ever tried tie-dying a tee-shirt?

43.   Learn a new language. There are so many to choose from!

44.   Time to organize the photo albums or create a scrapbook

45.   Put on a family show! Costumes, makeup and lots of laughter!

46.   Can you do macramé? Flower pot holders? Christmas gifts?

47.   Memorize one poem by a famous poet.

48.   There’s upholstery, woodworking, sculpting, weaving and more.

49.   Make a jewelry box with fabric, shells, buttons and glue.

50.   Okay, binge-watch any television show you want. 😊

Above all, stay healthy and STAY HOME!!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Dormant but Alive!

I pray for for those who are working full time during these difficult times. The police, the sheriff’s department, firemen and women, the cashiers at the stores, those who stock the shelves or drive the trucks. Those who clean the store and have to pick up rubber gloves left by sloppy, selfish people. Those who deliver groceries or mail; those who work in hospitals, clinics, testing stations and laboratories; those who work at curb-side pickup restaurants, coffee shops and fast-food. I am grateful for all you do.

(And victims. Those who are suffering from this virus.
 I pray you recover, soon.)

Thank you to everyone who helps the world continue to rotate on its axis. 
We are not shut down. We are alive.

We will bloom again. 

Monday, April 6, 2020

No Chocolate Eggs?

Happy Easter!
Did you hear they closed down See's Chocolate Shops right before Easter?
Oh, no. What are we supposed to do?
Don’t you know, Eve wrote three books and she's working on a fourth? 
Let’s read!  Do we need to wear a mask?
No silly rabbit, you can read her books at home.
Which one should we read first?
Well, there’s Penniless Hearts about an artist who gets lost in Hawaii.
Hawaii? Are there pineapples?
I think so. The second one is Penniless Souls about the same lady in Vegas.
Ooh, I bet that’s intriguing.
Bunnies don’t bet.
What’s the last one called?
The Fifth Commandment. It’s perfect for Easter, 'cause Peter's in the story.
Peter Rabbit?
Peter at the gates of Heaven.
Oh, he’s more important.
I’ll say.
Where do we get these books?
Yikes, we have to hop down to the Amazon?
(Eye-roll) Amazon delivers books to your home.
Oh good, race ya to the couch!