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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Thank you Bees

The month of November reminds us to be grateful for the little things. Can you imagine Thanksgiving dinner without vegetables, salad, green beans, potatoes, pies or even the centerpiece of flowers? Without bees there wouldn't be honey-roasted carrots, or honey-mustard dressings, all-important herbs such as parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. The delicious and festive holiday would be bland and rather boring. Of course, the bee is not responsible for our cooking or dull and dreary relatives. 😁 

Here’s a little poem I wrote about bees.

Every year,

they forget.
Arms flailing,
they live in fear.
Our hive abuzz with laughter.
But not for long.

Little guy in our garden next to a small twig.

Joyfully busy,
we make time to
land on colorful petals.
Proud part of a team. 
Until they spray.
And my family fades.

Friday, November 1, 2019

A Post of Memes

Thought I'd write a few inspirational memes.
 I took the photos too, and don't mind if you share these.

Hope you liked this post. I'd love to see your comments. Thank you!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Tricks or Treats?

Halloween is a fun time to celebrate life. Death should wait somewhere far away, out of town, on a hill, under a tree, behind a gate, in a cemetery. Sadly, not everyone agrees. Even walking by a few homes here in my neighborhood gives me the creeps.
This is an old, actual, cemetery in Julian, California
 There are homes around here that could compete with this view.

Needless to say, that doesn’t mean we don't honor and remember those who have gone before us. Though our loved ones remain in our hearts and walk with God, it's a special blessing to have days on the calendar set aside for spiritual reflection.  I'm sure you probably know that faith-filled memorials follow all the trick-or-treat hoopla on Hallows' eve. 

November 1st is the day of the children and All the Saints. 
All Soul’s Day or Day of the Dead is on November 2. 

My favorite part of a holiday celebration can best be defined as wicked. As in, sugary cupcakes, chocolates, nuts, cookies and maybe a pumpkin latte. We have a basket brimming with the (killer) snacks near the door. Though our decorations are minimal, we look forward to seeing the cute costumes at our door. When a five-year old Wonder Woman shouts, 'Trick or treat', it melts our hearts. Little soldiers, firemen and tiny ghouls add to the fun of the evening. 
 Happy Halloween!
How about you? Do you use vats of chocolate syrup for fake blood? Do you like to decorate with bats and rats, carved pumpkins, spider webs and coffins on the lawn? Laughing skeletons and headstones? Glow in the dark witches? Ghosts flying from your trees? Signs that say 'Boo'? Yikes. It's scary out there!
 What's your favorite part of Halloween?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Retrograde Heart

There’s a character in my novel, Penniless Hearts who reads her horoscope each morning, to find out whether she’s going to have a good day. Though my characters are all fictional, I knew someone who did the same thing every day. If her horoscope sounded undesirable, this colleague would throw the newspaper to the side, in a quest for something better, and march off to find the competing newspapers. The rest of us would snicker in our cubicle waiting for her to return. We waited, hoping the stars aligned, and she’d be placated by finding something positive in her search for another horoscope. When things went well there’d be stealth thumbs up signs, notifying the oblivious or busier employees. Sometimes, we could hear a bit of slamming and sighing, if the search came up negative. Of course, all of this was before everyone had cell phones connected to the internet. Today, she can probably pull up ten different charts from various astrologists per day, and yet, I doubt the stars have anything to do with her happiness.

Sadly, I’ve had a punishing month filled with switchbacks and turns that took my heart into unexpected agony. Those who follow the stars call it a time of retrograde. But, and this is a big but, even through the toughest times I felt the unconditional love of God. There will always be bad days, confusing days and painful days. There will always be tears. The road of life isn’t easy for anyone and even in the darkest times, I’ve felt favored and blessed by the Almighty. I’m confident He has a plan. While I don't think my life has much to do with the planets, I wait for positive news. Prayers bring me comfort. Knowing He listens brings me assurance. 

Yesterday, I looked out the window and saw our garden hose. I pitied the poor ant who might think he would take an easy trip across the yard by traveling on a smooth, rubber pathway. I imagined him with his tiny knapsack setting out to see the world, only to end up right back where he started. I wondered about his determination and the reason he might try again and again, only to end up failing. Perhaps he’d never discover the delicious crumbs in my neighbor’s backyard. Most likely, he wasn’t 
meant to discover them. If, by chance a big breeze comes along, it might lift him, carrying him away, and then he’d have to reassess his priorities. Either way, putting too much credence in something like that shiny garden hose might distract him from important things. Like appreciating and accepting the life he has, and the sunshine warming his way.

What do you think? Do you believe in misaligned stars? Do you agree God has a plan for us?

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Transitioning into Fall

“And gathering swallows twitter in the skies.”

From: Ode to Autumn by John Keats

Many friends look forward to the end of summer and the cooler temperatures. Fall is a warning that it’s going to be cold. Winter is on the way. It’s like a yellow light telling us to prepare to stop.

Or shop…for Christmas, before the bad weather and crowds make it difficult. 

A time when I’m not sure I’ll need a sweater, but should take one anyway. The leaves change and most of them are blown down the street. Frightening Halloween decorations fill store shelves and spiced pumpkin lattes are the rage at the coffee house. Restaurant menus reflect the harvest with less salad and more soup.

It’s a time to let go of open-toed shoes and sleeveless tops. I hang up my beach towel and fold away swimsuits. It’s getting darker and the days end faster. Instead of evening rays of light, we turn on lamps. Instead of outdoor activities, we turn towards cooking, reading, crocheting, sewing, television and computer games. The sky is bluer than ever and yet the forecast is a calculated cornucopia of various predictions. The world does a quick-change backstage for the third act, exactly like a star!

Even the birds fly faster. They make their nests. I hear them communicating as if to say they are making progress. Maybe this year I will embrace this amber-hued transition with the same joy as the flock outside my window.  It’s not just about their nests. They are pulling me in, making sure I notice how hard they work. They entertain, spread their wings and chirp. I’m pretty sure they want me to love this season as much as they do. Shamed into the truth, I have no excuses.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fiona Memoriam

Heal the intangible heart?
Real tears,
virtual tears,
streams of salt water--
flow over your soul.
You gasp for air
watching gold fly
through the air.
Small hairs
land softly.
Once a reason to grab a vacuum
now a twinkling memory.

Hide her toys,
wash away her delightful smell?
Stop looking at photos.
Talk about the weather?
She is there--
forever in your heart.
She licks from the inside.
Kissing and playing—
Jumping, running and wagging her tail.
Again, you gasp.
She will never leave.
You might as well vacuum.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Intangible Grace

There are times the universe will ask you do something in return. Perhaps as payment for the sunny days, the healthy days, the perfect days.

Your resolve doesn’t waver during these times. You focus and follow through and accomplish what is needed with a flourish and a smile.

Later, as all of it comes together and rises to fruition, you wonder how the heck it happened. What made you do it? How in the world was all of it possible?

Your eyes pop open in the middle of the night and you realize this is beyond your doing. You are merely a stronger tool displaying as much grace as possible. A cog in a mighty wheel. A note in a song. A drop of rain in a bucket.

This Saturday, The Legends of Wildomar-Tall Tales will be acted out on stage at Le Grand Playhouse. I wrote one third of the play and two of the songs. I put together the program, had them printed, folded each one by hand with my husband and sister.  I also tried to encourage sponsorship's and inspired my family members to participate. I hung up posters in the park that blew away in the wind.  Since one actor dropped out, I’m double cast! The director wants me to be funnier. I’m expected to change into boots, chew on hay and know my lines. Huh?

The address is 16275 Grand Ave., Lake Elsinore. The play will be on September 7th and also on the 14th. Tickets are $10 and are available by going online to BRICK or at Facebook events at: .
All the ticket proceeds will be going to BRICK, which stands for Brain Research in Cancer Kids which is an affinity of Rady’s Children’s Hospital.

BRICK was started by a family with a toddler, named Les. His grandmother is a friend of mine. Les had a brain tumor that changed his life. He endured countless hours in the hospital, surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and pain. Most of those things began over 16 years ago.

This Saturday, I am honored and humbled to hear that Les and his parents, will be taking tickets at the door. This is not a tall tale and I have no words.