Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Autumn's Warning



Crisp autumn seems to

gently negotiate with those of us used to warm climes.

Bold winds and light sprinkles advertise coming times.

New shows on the marquee,

mannequins with coats,

candy sales and baked brie.

January and February will be nippy,

she whispers among falling leaves.

Is your wine chilled or are you tipsy?

Craving hot appetizers on cool platters,

we want al fresco dining ‘til our teeth chatter.


Prepare yourself autumn seems to say.

Before everything turns gray.

Fix the furnace before it’s too late.

Shorter days are worth the wait?

Stock up on tea bags and cocoa,

there might be snow.

You never know.

Time to dig out sweaters and socks,

hide the shorts--ditch the flipflops.

Trade lemonade for pumpkin lattes--

and secretly pray for long summer days.



Eve Gaal

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Another Part of the Circle-A is for Apple


With a name like Eve, it may not be surprising that we have an apple tree out back. Adorable, pale green apples sway in the autumn breeze, just waiting to be put into a pie. I seem to remember these are the Fuji variety. 


I was tempted.

What’s your favorite apple? Macintosh? Gala?

 Red Delicious? Honeycrisp?  

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Circle of Life Heats Up with Pickled Peppers


Remember Peter Piper and the famous tongue twister that’s been around since 1813?

I think I like tongue twisters as much as I love peppers!

Say red peppers-yellow peppers, five times fast!

As far as peppers go, I prefer jalapenos. They are readily available around here, and they add flavor to almost everything. I have a friend who makes jalapeno jam, and it’s delicious. Really.

I’m not sure if there’s a difference between Hatch and Anaheim peppers, but they are both as mild as bell peppers.

If you like a kick, there are poblanos, habaneros, serranoes, Hungarian peppers, ghost peppers and Scotch bonnets, just to name a few. The heat of these varieties is measured on something called a Scoville scale and measured in heat units that go from 2000 to over 2 million. Ever hear of a Carolina Reaper? (I’d turn back if I were you.)

Anyway, here are the tame little peppers from our garden. 

They have no heat whatsoever. 

I think they are banana or shishito, but it doesn’t matter, because they are delicious in this pickled salad recipe.



Do you have a favorite pepper?

Monday, August 30, 2021

The Circle of Life- Believe in the Tomato



To be honest, I LOVE this series on the circle of life, because none of it would be possible without seeds of faith.  Just when we thought the hundred-degree heat, and drought conditions in California, would dry up our garden, there are tomatoes on the vine, almost ready to be picked.

Tomatoes, are wonderful in salads, sandwiches, soups and sauces.  The ones in our garden, after what seemed like forever, turned bright red, are super juicy, and have the fabulous taste of summer in every bite. 

Since most of us like pizza and spaghetti, it’s not surprising to know that Italy is one of the top tomato producing countries in the world, after China, India, Turkey, Spain and the U.S.

In Italy they are called POMODORO

In Germany, Spain, France and Portugal, the word is TOMATE

In Hungary they call a tomato a PARADICSOM—which also translates to Eden and Paradise.

In Turkey they are DOMATES

In Holland and South Africa, they say TOMAAT.

Finally, I was able to make a Caprese Salad with avocado. Delicious and worth the wait!

Filled with antioxidants, tomatoes are grown all over the globe and are classified as a fruit, but are also called vegetables. The reasons seem mysterious, but it has to do with the seeds. Those little things that move mountains. The stuff empires are built upon. Tiny little seeds.  

Friday, August 13, 2021

Another Circle of Life-My Neighbor's Figs


During a normal, non-pandemic summer, we might go somewhere and miss out on all this glorious fruit! Harvesting, cooking and baking reminds me there's an upside to staying home, in our personal Eden, surrounded by friends, neighbors, and beautiful trees.

 If you've tasted fresh figs, you know how sweet and delicious they can be. The flavor is hard to describe, but I'd say it's like a bite of apple, plums and strawberries all mixed together into one incredible morsel. Magical! 

My neighbor's fig tree

That's not Eve, but my neighbor, picking figs from her tree.

Fresh Figs

Fresh Fig Bar

Saturday, July 31, 2021

My First Podcast

The wonderful ladies at the After the After Show interviewed me about my books on their first Annual Marketing Palooza. This is an exciting way for readers to hear directly from authors about their novels. After an author writes a book, they spend hours revising, polishing, proofing, and editing their work. Soon, it seems the book is part of their life, like a baby about to be set free into the world. When it's finally published, they want to make sure it gets into the hands of people who will appreciate what they wrote. That's why this show is a great way for listeners to choose which books they want to take on vacation, or have on the bedside table. Readers have so many choices, and giving them a verbal and intimate menu is a great idea. Thank you!!  

While the hosts of the show, McKensie Stewart and Amy Shannon, sound cool, calm and collected, my mouth took a hold of my nerves and ran around my monkey brain looking for anything coherent to say. Fortunately, I only had two minutes to tell my story. (I'm last after this amazing group.)

Idelle Kursman-(Check out her website for a free magnet)

Amy Shannon-(Author, Editor & Book Reviewer)

Chris Karlsen(Ex-detective!)

Listen to it here: 

 The After Show with Eve

"Whatever we can do to help other authors."--Amy Shannon, Author of Unlawful Identity

Thank again you for having me on the show!