Friday, October 30, 2020

An Autumn Recap of 2020

I guess I work better under pressure. After all, I remember how my patriotic love for this country helped me stay positive after 911. Even through tears, Americans pulled together to show solidarity during a difficult time. People wore flags on their lapels, or red, white and blue knitted beanies, even stars and stripes on their baggy pants. I still own a flag scarf I’d wear with my navy-blue suit. Yes, things were different.

Somehow, things have changed. Everyone, even kids, are so darn independent. Personally, I think people have forgotten all the beauty surrounding us. I challenge anyone to argue next to the rim of the breathtaking Grand Canyon. No one will hear you shout next to the incredibly loud Niagara Falls. Dare you disturb the hidden creatures within the Hoh Rainforest? Right now, at this exact moment, there are wonderful things happening in the world. Penguins and pandas are born, Monarch butterflies are fluttering into Mexico and birds are flying south for the winter. And, I'm busy too. 

With all the hoopla going on outside in the political, germ-filled world, I found it the perfect time to finish my fourth novel, The Happy War.

Then, with help from talented friends, we created magic for the local library, which you can check out in my previous post. It's a video I’ll be proud to share over and over again, far into the future! In my opinion, that song should win a Grammy and the video an Academy Award. 😊

Later, a story was accepted into an upcoming anthology titled, Frightening Fables, which is on special right now, for ereaders. The paperback should be available next week. Click on the photo to get your copy of these spooky stories!

Also, exciting, one my most romantic poems is coming out in the winter issue of Heart magazine!

 And the year isn’t over. Who knows what amazing opportunities are headed my way! 


Do you work better under pressure?

Can you focus during tough times?

Stay healthy my friends and wear a mask!


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Don't Forget to Vote!

Many of you may have already watched this short video, 
but I wanted to make sure everyone sees it before the election. 


Our local library invited me to create something about our town, the founder, and the 19th Amendment. 
Though a huge honor, it took some planning due to the pandemic. Everything had to be done with computers, phone calls, books, emails and text messages.

What to do? 

So, I wrote an introduction, a skit, a song and a short narrative. The song is called, "I'll Never Stop Thinking" and I needed to find a composer! I have a few musical friends on Facebook but only asked one, and he came through like a true professional. (Last time I saw Keith, he was 8. I remembered a flurry of fast-moving freckles.) Anyway, I have no other words for Keith Walsh, other than amazing. He understood my words and interpreted the song better than I could have imagined. 

Also amazing, is the singer, Candace Grewe who sang the song and performed the skit with the talented Suzanne Saunders.  Candace and her family assembled the entire video! Again, I'm speechless. 

Thank you to the Wildomar Library and all involved with this short production. I am proud to live in this town and thankful for wonderful friends!