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Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Hip-Hop Poem About Penniless Hearts

What’s Penniless Hearts About?

It’s about a graphic artist.
And drug smugglers, as in: The Fist—
but first-- a dream sequence--a Prince.
Then a handsome pilot makes you wince--
because he’s such a jerk--
like the lady from work--
and the greedy boss--
agonizing over profit and loss.
Aside from the bad--
There’s also her dad--
and a sweet guy
 with tears on his face.
 It’s a tropical race,
 Where lava explodes,
helicopters implode--
while the goddess sleeps,
dreaming more,
strengthening her for
a meeting with a wise man
called Stephan—
reminding her to drop the sour
climb into hidden powers.
When meeting the Fist--
Her artistic flick of the wrist--
there when it counts--
Pele can pounce.
And in an island flash--
Kicks criminal ass.
Alas, it’s time for you,
To read this book.
Take a look--
Write a review--
Merely find out...whether wishes come true.


  1. Eve, you are a poet indeed~
    I really enjoyed this well written poem. In fact, I am sending your website to my friends so they can enjoy it too.

    1. That's awesome Pat. Thank you for sharing it and thanks for the kind words.

  2. Helicopters implode? I'm sold!
    That was really clever, Eve.

  3. Eve, you're so funny and creative. I loved this.

  4. I don’t know how you do it Eve – brilliant!