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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Your Comments are Dope!

My thing is confidence. It swells and ebbs like the tides. Sometimes I’m all braggadocio, full of brazen arrogance with years of experience and a decent vocabulary. Other times I’m knock-kneed and humbled, looking for basic words to express the simplest ideas and emotions. At my age, this isn’t fun because it feels like I’m sitting on a roller-coaster waiting for the scary part to take over or the fun part to make me forget about the scary part. I’ve figured out the things in my childhood that made me who I am and I’ve read lots of self-help books to help me overcome my insecurities. Still, I think it’s painful as all heck when progress seems slow and rejection emails lollygag around my trash folder. 
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Creative writing is, and has been, my specialty ever since my friend Dave made me business cards in high school. Before the internet, before email, before social media, there I was with my Underwood typewriter plunking out stories and heartfelt poems. Bottles of whiteout slathered all over the place, I even had actual friends and a few publishers that found what I wrote mildly interesting. That was over 30 years ago and I'm surprised and unhappy to inform you--age doesn't automatically cure this problem. Whether you’re an actual friend—or not-- most of the people who read this blog are genuine, kind people who enjoy creative writing and guess what? 
Your positive comments and reviews make my confidence meter rise! 

 If there’s anything you enjoy about my blog or perhaps you’ve read my stories, poems in anthologies or happened to come across Penniless Hearts, my novel --set in Hawaii—please comment, share or tell your friends. You are the reader and I appreciate everything about you, especially that boost of confidence and the way you make me feel. Thank you!


  1. Not enough comment space, my friend. You're intelligent, funny, creative, and excellent writer, a kind heart, a published author. As for your book, it's one of the best reads and I thoroughly enjoyed every page of it.

  2. Confidence has that way of ebbing and flowing, doesn't it?

  3. Well, here's hoping your confidence goes through the roof today!

  4. I've never seen a public request for an ego-stroke before!

    Just kidding. Eve, everyone has those moments. Even those who don't let them show. You're talented, good-hearted and fun.

  5. And confidence is what keeps you going and that's what I want to see. Love your posts and your writing, Eve!