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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Three Ways To Add Time into Your Life Right Now!

While shopping and running errands, you’ve probably noticed that time seems to slip by faster than a cheetah on speed. Of course, I have no experience with crack or cheetahs but since wildlife and opium plants might mingle, there could be a weird chance something like that could develop. Somewhere near a leaking power plant or near a nuclear testing site—but I digress. What I want to do is offer a suggestion about making time slow again. Women who have given birth know the drill. They could write this post too because expecting is exactly that—the expectation of a new life with nine months of built in anticipation, anxiousness and of course pain. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t really know that either but I’ve heard great stories from wonderful mothers.
 The rest of us might recall waiting for Christmas or maybe we waited in the rain for a bus and thought it would never show up. Here are three great ways to add some make believe but still valuable, time into your already busy week.
1.     Create a small goal with a surprise at the end.
Pages or Pounds?
With writing, it’s pages, or with dieting it’s pounds. There’s a number involved and they sound similar. 1500 calories or 1500 words a day. Set a goal but make it attainable. At the end of the week if you’ve reached your goals you can reward yourself; but only at the end of the week. Rewards have to be something you don’t indulge in frequently such as a special slice of cake or tickets to a theater. The trick is to look forward to the reward and the week will crawl by like a naked turtle looking for her shell.
2.     Make a date to go somewhere fun
Weekend Trip or Vacation?
You’ve always wanted to go to Universal Studios? Hawaii? Well this might be a great time to plan a trip--something stellar- and rockin’ fun-- such as a New Year cruise or maybe a weekend trip to Vegas? The anticipation will drive you batty because it’s something you’ve
wanted to do for a very long time. Once you book the tickets, it will seem like you’re back in third grade waiting for recess. Time will return to you in spades. The clock will tick louder than usual. It will seem you’ll never get there and it will be so worth it when you do.
3.     Plan a party a month in advance
Be a Guest or Hostess
It’s still almost a month out but planning a New Year Party will be a cinch. It’s not the planning but the space between the minute you start planning and the actual event that seems to create the slowness of time. If you know of a spectacular party you want to attend then make sure you’re on the list. Getting married in the New Year? Congrats but the minutes will seem eternal.  Even being a guest at upcoming nuptials can be exciting. The farther off the event and the more elaborate the gala, the more you’ll see clocks stopping and minutes crawling like slugs into your garden.
The Present of Time
So there you are: My intangible gift to you—a few scattered minutes to cherish and hold until something wonderful happens—and you inhale before you go screaming and laughing through Times Square on New Year’s Eve or exhale cold vapor while riding a roller-coaster at a local amusement park. Before the kisses and hugs, before the spilled champagne and before opening packages under the tree; as this calendar year draws to an end, I want to wish all my family members, friends and followers a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!


  1. Oh Eve, such and interesting post with some great ideas.
    We pretty much have everything planned and I am working on getting some things done. I tire so easy and the fall last month has really put me back but I am doing the best I can and will catch up.
    I hope ! hahahahahahahahahahaha

    cheers, parsnip

  2. The days when you were a kid waiting for Christmas - yes, time did pass slow. I like the second suggestion a lot.
    And your cheetah on speed theory made me chuckle.

  3. I'm going to make that date lady! lol

    Thanks for your inspiration. :)