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Friday, November 20, 2015

Grateful, Overstuffed Hearts

Good and Bad Stuffing
A poem by Eve Gaal
(Note: Little bit of silly word play for Thanksgiving:
 Each line as two words that sound the same but....)

Listen to rap while wrapping.
Bake date bread before dating.
Buy a wok after walking.
Lie down-- hear lies.
See from ocean to sea,
males rarely send mail.
Sew your dress-- find it isn’t so.
Frosted tiers,--shedding tears,
Unfazed-- enter a phase.
No--means knowing.
Dye your hair—you’re not prepared to die.
Hear the hymn-- listen to Him,
head to sole into your soul.
By and large you buy it,
By casting nets—earn a role in the cast.
Harpoon a whale while wailing.
Box out of a box--
a major feat but you land on your feet.
Do the unthinkable--kneel on morning dew.
Pray for the preyed upon.

You are not the ewe in the meadow.
Write about everything being right,
the open chutes are shooting,
weigh your options-- find your way--
like a soldier in the corps--injured to the core.
One who wins and has won.
Ready for round two— maybe three and four too,

Life's not easy but great and you’re grate-ful!
This turkey is filled with
 gratitude instead of stuffing!


  1. You are not the ewe in the meadow - best line!

  2. I wish I had your way with words.
    Wonderful poem.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I enjoy your blog. Sorry I don't always leave comments. It seems I struggle just to keep my blogs going. I hope you and your darling husband have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. Hey Eve!

    How are ewe? A clever play on words, Eve. Well done. Um, I thought Thanksgiving was back in October, eh! :)