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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dog Days!

 Dog Days of Summer!
This is Pinky and Fiona sitting in the pleasant morning rays.

Did I mention it’s the dog days of summer around here? I am super appreciative for a daytime high of only 112 here, as opposed to the scorching heat at my previous residence located in the Coachella Valley, where I recall heat-waves over 120 degrees. We lived in the desert town of La Quinta for over eight years and what made it difficult was that it often doesn’t cool down at night. The surrounding clay mountains suck up the heat and radiate it back out during the entire evening. It sounds lovely in theory but I remember 95 at midnight. The adjacent city is understandably called Thermal. The temperatures out there are so high that the meteorologists don’t even mention it on the Los Angeles news channels, because then no one would want to play golf, and few would want to visit the gorgeous resorts.

Of course those same forecasters talk it up in winter, attracting snowbirds from the coldest part of the planet.  Unbelievable as it may sound, La Quinta’s weather occasionally competes with the highs in Death Valley. I think where we now reside is probably located half way between both of those places.

Lucky for me, I prefer warm, dry heat and thus Desert Rocks— is the name of my creative writing company. We all have limits and there's also something called a heat index that describes how humidity creates an ugly heat that feels hotter than mere degrees. Here’s my dry weather meter:

1.       75-Perfect weather for almost every outdoor activity. (Especially dining Al fresco).
2.       85-Nice but don’t ask me to do any gardening. (Honestly, I don’t pull weeds or do windows in any weather.)
3.       95-Let’s go swimming!
4.       105-Maybe I’ll read a book or take a nap. 
5.       110+Plus--Put on the air-conditioning and no one gets hurt.

Pinky is becoming overheated in this picture.
Her tongue and body language indicates
 that she needs to go inside where it's cooler.

How about you? What’s your limit? 


  1. Wow! That's HOT! I'd rather be hot than cold, but we visited Arizona several years ago in the summer and I nearly died. I love hot weather, but 105 at 6 am was even a little too much for me.

  2. I've lived where it sometimes stayed around a hundred at night - but that was with humidity. Yuck! I'll take your heat anytime. (Lived in Arizona when I was younger.) Agree that at certain temperatures, staying inside with the air is always best.
    Do you have air conditioning or a swamp cooler?

  3. This year has been the worst. The earth will not cool down. It has been 10 degrees hotter than it should be, doesn't sound like much but.... 2 weeks of 118 is hot !
    The earth can not cool down. Even with the air on I still feel to tired to do anything like I use to.
    Summer was always time to clean closet, catch up on art and design my Christmas cards. gifts and stay inside hot afternoons. This year all I want to do is nap.
    At least Pinky and Fiona are light colored. Scotties are so black. So they run outside to poo and run inside to cool off.

    Stay safe and cool
    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  4. The heat did get to me one day. That was after a week of being well over 105. The last day at 112 wore me out. Just think, I once worked in 120 degrees and thought nothing of it. Then I decided (in my thirties) that anything over 110 was hot. I still like temperatures in the nineties the best. Seventies are still sweatsuit weather.

  5. Two cuties!

    Here we've had the odd day that the temperatures have gone above 30C, but not a prolonged heat wave, and not really problems with humidity... yet. It's the humid days that really get to me.

  6. It's hot here, but not nearly as hot as what you're experiencing! I'll bet Pinky and Fiona don't spend much time outdoors!

  7. Hey Eve,

    Yay to Pinky and Fiona. We really do have make sure our furry friends stay cool. We've been have some very hot weather over here, well very hot by our standards. I'm doing my utmost to make sure that Penny stays cool.

    I do hope those temperatures you mention are in Fahrenheit! LOL