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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Night Swimming

Fiona the wild rescued Chihuahua sent away the ducks but they kept coming back. They were sneaking in at night for moonlight swimming in our lap pool.
It sounds romantic but they were also not using Charmin bath tissues or even those newfangled flush-able wipes. The pool guy would clean around the gluey mess at the bottom and insist on higher fees for managing the indelicate mess. The bacteria level made it a risky swim akin to jumping in a toddler pool after lunch. And the area around the pool became dangerously slippery and downright disgusting.

 Finally, after many silly ideas such as a scarecrow which didn’t work and looked ugly, and a small toy crocodile in the shallow end that also didn’t work, because California ducks have never seen crocodiles, thus have no reason to fear them, we came up with a creative solution. We found a metal sculpture of a menacing peacock. Once painted—it looks realistic and bam—no more ducks. 


  1. A peacock? Never would've guessed. Glad something worked. That does sound disgusting.

  2. I would not have thought of that in a million years. What a fabulous idea. My idea would have been a rolling cover to keep them out at night. Not so pretty but it might have worked.
    Like your idea better.
    Why are they afraid of peacock ? so very strange.

    cheers, parsnip, thehamish and fergus.

  3. I've seen where people/businesses use plastic swans in their ponds, but I've yet to see if that really works. Glad you came up with this idea. I like the metal statue for its beauty alone.

  4. A peacock? How cute!

    Like Gayle, I would have gone with a rolling cover. Ducks do tend to be, uh, messy.