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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Reflections on Hope

Spent yesterday at Lake Cahuilla Park where I enjoyed a humid day filled with speckled sunlight reflecting on my lofty, languishing goals and my to-do list of items that need to be prioritized before anything moves forward. My innate sensitivities, consideration for others and best intentions have temporarily pulled me off-track into a quagmire of uninspired emotion, thus leaving my blog un-attended, my writing in limbo and of course dreams frozen and withering into crispy hues of brown.

I sat there all day with my two dogs watching diving seagulls cry like infants, listening to the quack of migrating ducks, swans, egrets and the loud trumpeting blare of Canada goose. All these flying visitors temporarily sidetracked while searching for ways to survive—enthralled with the warmth, discovering hope. Even the natives heard those birds while wandering through this desolate valley. The California desert offers relief to those escaping winter’s wrath and fortunately, spring comes early to those daring to dream.

Have you watched those Olympians on the Skeleton track--head first, going eighty miles per hour---down hill? At the beginning of each race, the athlete places the sled into indented grooves that keep the sled pointing forward while bearing their sudden body-weight. Missing the track at the outset makes the rider overcompensate with adjustments involved in righting the nose of the toboggan, slowing the race time, thereby resulting in no bronze, silver or gold medal.

I see my track and place the sled onto the ice. After many spills and some success, this time there’s more at stake. This time, I'm aiming for gold.

What about you? Any reflections you'd like to share? 


  1. Eve, you can do it. Focus on those tracks and hit the mark.
    And we've missed you. Glad you got some time to reflect.

  2. Alex has good advice.

    As to the skeleton,well, let's just say that anytime I see that done, I think anyone who makes it to the bottom in one piece deserves a medal for survival.

  3. I have faith in you! If I can be of any help, please let me know. I've got your back.

    Ironically, it's way colder here in St. Louis than in Sochi right now. You could do the skeleton event right here on my driveway.

  4. You're already a step ahead of most by taking the time to reflect and look inwards at yourself. :)

  5. It is always important to stop and reflect and it sounds like you had a beautiful spot to do just that. It sounds to me like you are already have the sled in hand and are running down the track ready to begin the ride. :) Best of luck!

  6. Hi human, Eve,

    And those frozen dreams will thaw out. The pools of inspiration shall immerse your writing heart. In the Skeleton event, you may bump against the sides. After the bump, comes the smooth, straight ahead ending that is the beginning.

    Pawsitive wishes to you and your beloved dogs,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  7. Just keep aiming Eve, that gold medal is within your grasp.

  8. You're a gold medal winner in my eyes!

  9. You just keep aiming for that gold. Really nice post.