Thursday, August 7, 2014

An Online Writing Group

Have you seen the 30 second trailer for my novel, Penniless Hearts? It's my first video and a generous gift for being a member of PnP Authors, which is quickly becoming a favorite online writing group. Of course, if I knew anything about putting together a trailer, it would have Hawaiian music and some tropical flowers bursting out around the edges but I'm still impressed with the volcano art. Take a look and tell me what you think.
Click here:
Check it out:

One aspect of any writing group is to be supportive. PnP Authors has various discussion groups, poetry contests and even a page to spotlight your book.
Recently, they published a collection of short stories and poems Click here to get your copy.
Inside you'll find three of my poems and one of my short stories, not to mention lots more creative writing by other incredible authors. If you are interested in joining PnP Authors, then go to this link: PnP Authors. I hope to see you chatting away out there and maybe you can have your book spotlighted too.


  1. Hope the trailer helps Penniless Hearts get the audience it deserves. It's a wonderful novel!

  2. I thought the trailer was cool! The flames added a nice touch.

  3. Where did you find this writing group?

  4. The story of my life! Love the trailer.

  5. This is fantastic Eve! I've never heard of a trailer for a book, but it's a great idea...and besides, things I've never heard of could fill volumes!
    I'm thinking this group would be a lot of fun.

  6. Awesome book trailer. I love the music!

    What a super trailer.
    I have never heard about a trailer for a book. will it go on Amazon or on this groups page ?

    cheers, parsnip
    Love your hair ! I look at peoples hair since I have so little from all the meds I take

  8. Congrats on your first trailer. Sadly, the link didn't show up for me. Writing groups can be quite encouraging.

  9. Anyone who might want their book in the spotlight and to go all around the world, please email