Monday, November 10, 2014

Losing My Stuffing!

Is Anything Pinky Proof?

Welcome to the Dog Toy Trials

Pinky is the official dog toy tester. 
She is being compensated and doesn't endorse one product over another. 
She is not an actor.

Dragon with a missing brain.

Rescued dogs seem to take all their frustrations out on their toys. Even after ten years....

Gutless camo-wearing squirrel

I usually wait for her to get to the stuffing and then remove as much of the white fluffy stuff as I can, as well as the squeaky thing. Once all that is in the garbage, I return her toy. She misses the squeaky part but still enjoys chewing on the toy.
A bird on it's last legs

I thought she’d mellow out by now but she’s as playful as ever. 
Guess I should count my blessings.
Tried something a little less plush and after one hour....

I realize there are tougher toys out there but they are usually hard rubber.
Squeak-no-more Skunk

Any recommendations? 
The packaging said it was very tough--made from automobile seat belts.

If someone you know makes a living designing toys for dogs, please suggest making them more durable. The above toys total $50 or more and though Pinky loves having fun with them--my trips to the pet store are now being monitored--because---someone around here thinks buying dog toys is a waste of money! Can you imagine??

So far the winner is brainless dragon but only because our official tester temporarily lost interest....

 Pinky and I hope we have helped other dog owners in the quest for the best toys.


  1. That's quite a bit of money for something that gets shredded, destroyed, and killed by the fearsome Pinky!

  2. She'd do better with a plain piece of rope.

  3. Dogs are often like toddlers. Terrible twos, to be precise.

  4. The Square Ones give toy reviews also.
    The best toy and review was a Target toy from 4 years ago that was a squeaky ball covered in a felt type material I still have 1 semi destroyed ones left. They loved that toy.
    I just found some very good balls from Home Goods but I would think they are to big for your little ones.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Quite a doggy!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  6. Yes, she can be terrible but I love her just the same.

  7. The indestructible toy has yet to be invented! That is great news for many dogs whose favorite hobby is disemboweling toys.

  8. My dog was a rescue--so when she's beating the crap out of her toys, it's residual anger from her childhood? Makes sense!

  9. I would just like to add that no toys were harmed in the making of this documentary. The dragon lost a brain. The bird is legless but other than that all is well. Move along please nothing to see here.

  10. My last dog was a rescue dog and he did the same thing! He would devour his toys, tear out the stuffing and the squeaker. I think you have a good theory here- it makes sense to me. Good luck finding a toy that lasts. :)

  11. Wanda from PnP Authors. The blog swap must've started at midnight. It's been a whirlwind. Anyway, I posted that you're looking for dog toy designers. Hope inquires pour in.

  12. I've had dogs that love to tear their toys apart and others that are so rough with their toys but don't break them. Wish I had a solution for you.