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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Supreme Web

Have you ever noticed those strange moments when you’re wondering about something and a very obvious but deconstructed answer is right in front of your face? Perhaps you’re wondering whether you should go to the party but exactly at that moment when you're thinking about what to wear or who to bring, you come to a STOP sign. Directly above the word STOP someone has carved the word NO into the sign. Would you take that as a ‘no’ don’t go to the party, or simply a coincidence?

I remember feeling anxious about a certain meeting at work and while driving my car the song ‘Take it Easy’ by the Eagles came on the radio. When I stepped into the lobby at work, the same song was playing on a completely different station. Do you think someone wanted me to take it easy? It’s kind of like a favorite cartoon where a guy is asking God for a sign and a giant neon sign falls from the sky landing in front of him. The sign says, ‘A sign”.

Then there’s the dessert menu. Try it sometime. Listen to the background music playing in the restaurant before you commit to another thousand calories. If they’re playing Queen’s, "Fat-Bottomed Girls" you might want to reconsider but if they’re playing Billy Joel’s, “Just the Way You Are,” you might as well go for it! The smart restaurateur where I ordered dessert last had ‘You Are So Beautiful" playing on the radio, so of course I indulged.
A few rows like this....

Right now, I’m wondering about a stranger’s crocheted sweater. I know how to crochet and have taken the time to learn many unusual crochet stitches but this sweater wasn’t a typical machine made crocheted sweater that you could buy and it also looked extremely difficult to make. The woman wearing the lacy cardigan could have made it or received it as a gift. This large woman, with row after row of complex stitches, sat in front of me last Sunday at church giving me an hour to ponder more than the sermon.(Which interestingly was about the multitudes sharing the five loaves and two fish.) 

The complicated stitch pattern repeated sometimes but only after approximately twenty unique rows. Her white sweater seemed to represent something to me, maybe because my insides have been feeling twisted into a tight crocheted pattern. Lately, there have been some unusual things happening in my life and if you know about my past, then you know I’m supposed to be the strong, cool-headed voice of reason. Giant knots are obstructing my goals and draining the oxygen from my heart. Give it to God everyone says. Will prayer help things unravel—in a good way? Will He help me get everything untangled and readjusted for some semblance of normalcy? I’m quite clear on the concept that the future looks difficult. It’s a rocky terrain and I’m heading uphill. Still wondering why I needed this reminder.

and some rows like this....

Am I one cloud formation away from the cuckoos’ nest 
or simply reading too much into things? Has this happened to you?

What do you think? Do you allow the universe to speak to you?


  1. Prayer is how we talk to God - He already knows our needs.
    Will it unravel in a good way? If God has a hand in it, it won't unravel the way you think it will. But He'll be with you the whole way.
    i don't think you're ready for the cuckoo's nest yet.

  2. I can't say I've really done this.

  3. I'm going to agree with Alex on all counts.

  4. Someday I scream in the shower and sometimes I watch the clouds.
    I often why me and can't sleep at night but I have to believe I can survive.
    I will light a candle for you.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. All the time, Evie. The song Looser played the week my daughter OD'd. I hadn't heard that song since we lost contact with her dad, an addict too. Whenever he was going to do something stupid that song was my cue to it. It kept me from loosing my cool. Anyway, I had an unusual feeling one morning the week of the trauma when I looked up into the Florida's watery grey sky. Later, I asked God what was up-I heard something is going to rock your world apart as others. Well, Greece went bankrupt and my daughter did what she did. I have other examples but it would end up being a novel.

  6. Hi Eve,

    I'm not into all this god stuff. My leanings on universal signs is that sometimes it might be wishful thinking or negative speculation when I read too much into the signs that all around.

    However, I remember the morning I went to the hospital to get some results in regards to the possibility of me having cancer. Every traffic light on the way to the hospital was green. That's the first time that had ever happened. The results were also very good and that I didn't have cancer.

    Interesting thoughts, Eve.


  7. I think we've all been there. For me, being creative seems to put me in my happy place and close to the Universe.