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Friday, September 9, 2016

A Rescued Pooch Poem

If I Were a Dog
Eve Gaal

If I were a dog
I’d forget about yesterday
and forgive you today.
I’d remind you to cuddle,
implore you to play.
I’d wait all day until you came home
 ‘til you read the mail and put down your phone.
I’d hold you in the highest esteem--
you and me...
other family members--
the greatest of teams.

If I were a dog,
I’d sleep while you’re away,
anticipating your arrival,
ears perked against rivals,
Fiona's in charge
half awake,
I’d probably bark a lot,
worried you were caught-
held in a cage,
next to stinky mongrels filled with rage.
I’d imagine the smell
Of wet matted hair
strangers that tried to care
for unfortunate beasts carrying disease.
In my nightmares,
I’d remember fleas
landing on my fur--
the unforgettable stench of urine everywhere.

If I were a dog,
Pinky's eyes....
I’d lick your face.
Not to taste,
but only to kiss
the person who understood my heart.
The one who saw into my eyes,
had me leaping off the charts.
I’d have to wag my tail to convince you—
throwing myself at your feet for a belly rub--
my love is unconditional and true.
I’m sure you’d beg to agree--

our lives are better rescued me.

Fiona with a rare smile
Pinky wagging


  1. Nice! That's a dog's life all right. So grateful for everything. And not sure whose life is enriched more.

  2. Oh this is so lovely that is breaks my heart.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  3. Is it just the angle of the photo, or is Fiona finally growing into those huge ears?

  4. Penny has told me that this was the pawfect pawst. Nicely done.

    Penny's fictional human,


  5. Such lovely words Eve, and Fiona's smile is adorable.