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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tale O' Miniature Tail

Welcome to my universe. I’m a rescue.
Mom says she’s a rescue too.
Dad says-- mom rescued him but I think there’s more to that story.
The main thing is this: We all need humans.
Tall or stinky,
Young or frumpy
Peeps are important.
They all matter.

And man can they can make a difference in your life.
Take this ordinary suburban yard for example:
Every petal and piece of mulch is mine, (even though there’s another rescued dog around here.)
I am fearless and safe back here.
The mailman is on the other side of the house and
the vacuum cleaner never comes outside.
Sunshine follows me throughout the day.
This is my element.

I prowl around and sniff the grass.
Sometimes I'm thorny like a rose. 
The scent of invaders
such as rabbits and squirrels delights me
especially because they know better
 than to stay on our side of the fence.
I can bark,
yelp and even cry.
I can sleep on the lounge chair
pretending I’m queen.
I am Fiona and if you need rescuing--
 find a human today!


  1. SO beautiful and well written! I'm very touched!

    Warm ALOHA to You,

  2. I think you know how much I adore FIONA THE FABULOUS !
    I still can not get over the very tall but tiny legs.
    What a wonderful verse.
    Love your post today.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Lucky Fiona she found two of the best humans and lucky humans for finding her.

  4. Lucky Fiona indeed! And no, that vacuum cleaner won't follow her outside.

  5. Want to hang out sometime... I'm a rescue. But I broke my mummsy's arm. Beanie-Bean

  6. Wonderful perspective for this, Eve!

  7. Rescues are the best!! Fiona is adorable. :)