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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Have You Seen the Garden Fairies?

Garden Fairies in Early Spring
Eve Gaal

Mortals rarely see
(We’re too important--
 too mature.)

They swing on tall grass,
hide in tangled roots,
complex like innuendo,
jokes that fly over our heads.
They swirl in the underbrush--
painting spring--
stylishly spraying--
a catwalk of colors.
Decorating webs with glitter
pushing around windblown petals
and giggling softly in afternoon rain.

What’s more important than that?
Sit and listen.
Tear your eyes from your phone--
fold away the rustle--
pause--even the crunching of food.
Stop competing with nature.
Wait for it.
The hum of traffic will dim

Have you seen them? 
Dodging under a mushroom
fluttering in a breeze
perhaps holding in transparent wings--

until we step away. 


  1. I've seen them...but it's been a long time!

  2. Makes me want to dance in the forest while it's raining!

    Very nice.

  3. Things we no longer see as adult because we are too busy. Very nice, Eve.

  4. Hey Eve,

    Enchanting, magical poetry from thee. Of course, I have seen them many a time :)


  5. Beautiful words Eve and the photo is perfect, although I do see what you mean about the little elf in one of my recent posts.