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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We Have a Leak!

We’re Not Quackiott, Duckyatt, Billton or Even the Web-foot Inn.

The ducks are back and Fiona’s not happy about it. I’m writing this upstairs and can hear warfare in the yard. I hear her tiny growl perhaps saying, “What a bleeping mess you make all over my warm stones.” She hates them and treats them like terrorists even though they look like they outweigh her by a pound or two. “Be gone you dastardly, disgusting creatures,” she squeaks. Or maybe she’s displeased because they interrupt her beauty naps, so she responds with a Garbo-esque bark that means, “I vant to be alone.”

The fine-looking ducks swim a few laps and as soon as Fiona noses over to where they are drying off, they rustle up, into the air, over the fence, landing with a splash in someone else’s pool--but not before quacking loudly--voicing their obvious displeasure at such a lack of hospitality. You’d think a rescued pup would have more manners!
I'm scared to bother her so I took this picture from inside.
The sun is setting but she's still on watch

 Maybe, I hopefully surmise, Fiona is working with the pool-cleaning company to make sure the water stays sparkling clean. I wouldn’t put it past her to take a bribe now and then. There’s probably a method to her madness and she doesn’t really care whether I’ve figured it out. After all, one of my nicknames for her lately has been “Special Ops.” While our other dog Pinky, is an exemplary example of a Secret Service type who would take a bullet for his/her management team and pounces out of bed in the middle of the night if someone is within ten feet of our home, Fiona prefers secret spying gigs, sleeping soundly under the blanket all night, perhaps gathering information telepathically from wireless, unnamed sources. Pinky worries about rabbits, but that’s another story. I guess Fiona saves her energy to fight the radical ducks.


  1. If you ever hear loud, obnoxious honking then you know she decided to do something about it. I don't blame her. Swimming ponds are no place for ducks.

  2. Poor Fiona! :)

    I'm sure she will manage. lol

  3. This is the greatest story.
    I love ducks but not sure I want them in my pool !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. From her point of view, they're intruding on her property!

  5. Love the ducks! (Sorry, Fiona, but I do love ducks. Give them a chance!)

  6. I'm with Fiona on this, ducks and a clean pool cannot coexist!

  7. This is really cute and very clever. However, if I was Fiona I might nip your ankles now and then. How can anything so tiny cause such a commotion?

  8. I'm sure Fiona enjoys the role as duck monitor. What dog wouldn't?

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