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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy New Year--Stay Warm & Safe

Finally, there’s some rain in California. Normally this is exciting, wonderful news, but after all the fires, there are now mudslides threatening homes all over the place. And, while I can poetically dive into my daydreams that wax on about the promise of spring around the corner and the flowers that will cover everything in happiness, the television news reminds me that winter still has a few tricks up his or her cold, wet sleeves.

How can I complain when my friends in the East are bundling up like Inuits and snow is covering everything in white?  I have to admit, it looks beautiful from my heated living room. Even nicer when I’m holding a cup of hot cocoa with whipped topping. Sorry.

Wait a minute; I don’t need the television news to remind me of rain and cooler temperatures when I have two pooches telling me to switch channels immediately. What happened to the sunshine they seem to ask with pleading eyes? Where are the patches of warm soil and the cool grass that tickles our underbellies? And what's with the weird sweaters?
 What have you done MOMMY?
Fiona and Pinky 

 Poor pups.

Happy New Year and trust me even with my first name being Eve,
 I have nothing to do with the weather. 
PSA: Please remember, if you're cold outside, then your pets are cold too. Try and take them inside or at least into a garage, shed or barn. They will appreciate your kindness.


  1. They look adorable kitted out for cooler weather!

    1. Thanks. If there were limits to cuteness, they'd be in trouble! 😎

  2. They need those sweaters!
    We finally warmed up today. Snow and ice all gone. But over a week of below freezing temperatures was brutal.

    1. I was born during a huge blizzard in Boston. Thank goodness I can't remember it. Lol

  3. They're so cute!

    So you're not near the mudslides, then?

    1. Thankfully, no mudslides around here. Happy New Year!!

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