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Monday, February 19, 2018

To Snuggle or Cuddle? A Post Valentine Post.

We had our 25th Anniversary last October, which to me anyway, sounds like a huge achievement. There are many factors at work here, but one of them might be these darn blanket fairies, because in all this time, I haven't blamed husband for stealing my section of the covers. Actually, I finally said something, for the first time, and then I drew the silly picture and wrote the sillier poem. After all, how can I wake up with icicle toes and not complain? 

Blanket Fairies

The darkest part of winter,
we’ve the thickest blanket on the bed,
they sneak inside our home,
since the year we were wed.

And though they never fail
to toss things around.
It seems quite unusual,
they never make a sound.

Though we shiver,
our toes are cold,
we reach for each other,
a true love to hold.

One night before they go,
after thirty years or so,
maybe we’ll open our eyes and catch them,
pushing our covers to the floor.

Eve Gaal

Have you had visits from the blanket fairies this winter?


  1. My sheets and blankets inevitably end up in disarray overnight, with half of everything yanked out. I've never chalked it up to blanket fairies! :)

  2. That happens to us too. I know the culprit in my house. My wife pushes the blankets off of her and the whole shebang cascades to the floor like a waterfall. She says I'm stealing them to my side. Maybe, but I think my theory is the right one.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. I've been forced to wear socks in bed ...darn Blanket Fairies!

  4. Cute, but, no, my covers stay firmly in place. In fact, all I have to do is replace my pillow and pull the blankets and quilt up.

  5. This fairies are cute- but luckily they don't steal my covers. :)