Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My Neighborhood Walk

A few weeks ago, I posted about unusual coincidences related to seeing things clearly. On my daily two-mile walk through our neighborhood, I found eye drops, bottled tears and reading glasses on three different occasions. One of the funnier comments received on my blog, suggested the neighborhood might not be as tidy as I may have thought. Since I don’t see anything out of the ordinary, I figured I’d post some pictures of our walk and let my followers see firsthand.  (We also have a homeowner’s association that comes down on anyone wanting to be sloppy.)

Walking inspires me in so many ways. 
This may not look steep but it's a huffing and
 puffing grade on the way home.
When it's chilly I jog down hill.
I see things I’ve never seen, almost every time. I meet neighbors, breathe fresh air and notice patterns in nature. I frequently see lizards, rabbits and squirrels. From our home, we can walk to a  grocery store, hair salon, dentist and dangerously delicious places such as: donut shops, pizza parlors, taco or burger joints  and gourmet restaurants serving local wine and craft beers. (Walking is a wonderful way to drink without driving. But I have heard that texting and walking can be hazardous, so be careful.)

Walking has many benefits, most importantly, exercise. 
 Did I mention flowering trees, blossoming hedges, daffodils, tulips, lilies and roses? Climbing vines, clematis and bougainvillea? This is the best time of year for observing the colors of nature and if you're  a photographer, grab that camera and zoom in, before the heat of summer takes some of the pizzazz away. (If you are allergic to pollen there are many over the counter allergy medications that can help you cope.) 
If you're a writer, stop imagining the rose petals and how they curve around each other when you can see them with your eyes.  The clouds, the weather, the chill in the air. Later, your prose and poetry will benefit from the experience. 

The point is to put down the tablet, computer game and maybe your Smart phone and forget about technology for part of an hour. It will recharge your cells, your thoughts will sharpen and the ideas might flow. Try it and observe. Justify the walk. What did you see that you haven't seen before? What made the walk unique? 

Take your dog. 
Did I mention our pups Pinky and Fiona enjoy walking too? In fact, they LOVE it.  

Oh, and we live about five miles from a large body of water called Lake Elsinore, thus explaining the cute visitor in the photo below.

                                         It's a glorious time of year for walking.
                                               I hope you can get outside soon. 

Right on our street!
Have I inspired you to take a walk?


  1. My wife and I take a walk every single night and we've seen all sorts of things, plus lots of animals.

  2. I walk each day. It is good exercise.

  3. At least I can walk short distances again without fear of falling. The long walks are probably never going to happen again. Nice neighborhood.

    1. Thanks Mari. We like it. I get a bit dizzy when it's too hot. Stay safe.

  4. My wife works at the saddle barn of a state park, and there's another state park just four miles from our house--lots and lots of beautiful trails to take.

    1. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place.I've noticed the photos of your hikes. Magnificent.

  5. I used to love to walk the dogs but now walking is not my friend and the heat does not help. So I do all my walking in the pool. iwinston has finally stopped running around the pool barking at me. He does not like me going into the pool. He really needs thehamish to help him understand the world.

    Walking is good for the soul
    cheers, parsnip

  6. Yes it is! Thanks for your comment and I realize it's hot. thehamish knew the ins and outs. Hugs.