Thursday, May 21, 2020

We're Almost There-30 More ideas

Don’t Give Up!
Here’s Some More ideas
to help keep you busy while at home.
(I tried something like this one.)

1.       Play cards. Rummy, poker or 52 pickup?
2.       Paint a rock for gifts or paper weights.
3.       Have a balloon fight on the patio
4.       How about a family barbecue?
5.       Make chocolate or vanilla shakes
6.       Decoupage might be fun-no Mod Podge? Use Elmer’s glue.
7.       Quilting with scraps
8.       Chalk drawings on the sidewalk
9.       Make lemonade or iced tea in different flavors
10.   Read an ebook (I can suggest several good ones!)
11.   Write a book review on Amazon
12.   Cut your bangs? Maybe not.
13.   Color your own hair?
14.   Tell ghost stories
15.   Take a fancied-up bubble bath. Candles, rolled towels.
16.   Cupcake or cookie decorating
17.   Record a video and post it on YouTube.
18.   Clean some windows
19.   Sew curtains/pillows
20.   Play trivia games-party games
21.   Jump rope or hopscotch?
22.   Blanket tents and forts
23.   Make a giant tic-tac-toe game out of painted cardboard.
24.   Call Grandma and Grandpa
25.   Have a hole? Darn it.
26.   Slow cooker chili. Yum
27.   Identify plants and trees around your home-draw them
28.   Extravagant Ice cream sundae festival with sprinkles
29.   Masquerade ball at home with costumes
30.   Teach your dog to roll over or fetch?


  1. Good ideas, Agatha does not like to lay down or roll over. I am working on training. She will do every over trick.
    The best Ice Cream Sundaes are in Japan. They put all sorts of good stuff even corn flakes. Sounds weird but so good