Tuesday, April 13, 2021

St. Rae Helbignatni (In Reverse)

 Just for fun!

Oxymoron- (A phrase with contradictory words)

I’ve been told by a few people that the title of my latest novel is an Oxymoron.

In other words, The Happy War sounds about as believable as jumbo shrimp or an original copy. Certain phrases sneak into our vocabulary, like the walking dead, for example. In my novel, Linda, the main character, uses the phrase The Happy War as a way to refer to her plan. She has an idea to save the world from hate, and though it’s not really a full-fledged, regular, fighting type war, it’s a personal mission against all manner of evil. When she meets a guy called Eric, they seem to click on a mysterious romantic level, but he also shares her desire to ‘save the world’. They assemble a team of loyal friends to help them with their endeavor and that’s how their ‘war’ begins.

Anagrams- (rearranged letters for a new meaning)

There’s an anagram finder available at:

What Hay Prep?
Yup, another anagram of The Happy War
Anagram Creator

The best anagram I found for The Happy War is Warpath Hype

Palindromes- (A phrase or word that reads the same backward or forwards) If your name is Anna, Bob, Otto or Eve, you know what I mean. Just remember when you visit Amazon to look for The Happy War by Eve Gaal. 😊

A Semordnilap is Palindromes spelled backward. It’s sort of like a palindrome except now there’s a new meaning. For example, War is now raw. and stressed is desserts. No lemon is no melon and a famous semordnilap is Madam, I’m Adam.

The best I can say, is that our hearts- can love forwards, backwards and upside down!


  1. I never know many of the words you talk about or understand them. Using the letter to make other words by moving them around. So confusing to me.