Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Worth a Resolution Detour


I had serious goals and the best of intentions, until I received a special birthday gift, at which time, my New Year’s Resolutions sort of sprang, flew or dashed to the wayside. Yes, I had multiple ideas, most focused on writing. I have three unfinished books in my laptop, a couple more bouncing around in my brain, not to mention the blog, the website updating, poetry, volunteer work, not to mention the normal duties of everyday life.

Diets and exercise? Puhleeze—there’s a pandemic going around, and even if I spruced up, and almost looked perfect, there's nowhere to go. So, I’m settling for a bit of pudge, minor house cleaning and daily walks. And don’t ask about reading! The pile is growing like a snowcapped Kilimanjaro.  Honestly, no matter how I look at this situation, the gift, is worth the detour. 

Here she is—drumroll please--------Baba. (Means baby doll). Faster than lightening—she’s an Italian greyhound mix rescued by, and from, Southern Star Animal Shelter, where she spent a couple months, after the original parents said they couldn’t afford to keep her. πŸ’“ (They probably couldn't catch her.) 

Her green eyes and meerkat expressions crack me up, and while physically, she resembles my previous pups, she is a unique little being, sometimes timid, mostly sweet and always fast. Besides being a cutie, I can tell she’s smart too. Right now, she’s kind of a handful, but that’s expected because she’s only 9 months old.

Who knows maybe after chasing Baba all day I’ll be lean and fit, ready to conquer 2022?

 (Don't laugh!πŸ˜ƒ)

And----- Hopefully, when she settles down, I’ll get back to writing. 😊

How's your resolution going? 

Don't you think this interruption is 100% worth it?


  1. She's cute all right. I bet it is good exercise chasing her around. There's also walking the dog - great exercise.

  2. I never make any New Year's resolution. I never saw any reason to do so. If something needed done, I did it. Unfortunately, now I am physically unable to do the yardwork or cleaning the high areas. Oh well. Life goes on. Enjoy it. Life is God's gift. Tweeted.