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Monday, September 11, 2017

Meet Me at the Hemet Book Fair!

Original art contributed by Vicki Allen-Hitt

The Book Fair will be held on Saturday, September 23, from 9 am to 1 pm. It will be held at the Diamond Valley Arts Council, 123 North Harvard Street, Hemet CA 92543. There’s parking on the back (west) side of the building as well as on Harvard Street (in front of the building and across the street in a public parking lot just east of the DVAC.) 

I"ll be signing copies of Penniless Hearts, The Fifth Commandment and Theories of Her-An Anthology that contains three of my poems. My newest story Texting at the Gate is now available in a new fairy-tale collection titled, Once Upon a Broken Dream. I hope to be able to acquire a few copies from our publisher so I can display them at the book fair too.
That's me on the right. I'm saying Aloha to everyone
  at the Feldheym library, Meet the Author Event  in August.
Sharing my table is the super-talented,
 delightfully charming author, Suzanne Saunders.

I'm very excited about this event because it's my first Book Fair with the Diamond Valley Writer's Guild and it's much closer to home than the signing in August. Oh and before I forget, you can read one of my stories--The Dream in the summer issue of our Guild's magazine by clicking here:

Hope to see you on the 23rd of September!
Free Admission!

Monday, August 28, 2017

My Creativia Publishing Family-Great Entertainment!

Growing up, among my family members, we had the sportsman, the dancing/sculptress, the comedian, the glamorous one and the singing poet. We all had our strengths and entertaining each other seemed to be one of our highest priorities. Long before reality television, we had backyard carnivals and weekend comedy shows. Sometimes we’d invite the neighborhood and other times we enjoyed creating smiles within the confines of our family. Usually I would sing. On the Fourth of July, I sang the Star Spangled Banner. At Christmas, my sister would dance like a Sugar-Plum Fairy and my brother told jokes or did John Wayne impersonations. Dad enjoyed a New Year Waltz, spinning Mom around and around until she was dizzy from too much Strauss. When we we were all tired from performing, we sat down to play Monopoly until at least one of us fell asleep on our fake pile of pink money.

So much has changed in the world today that families don’t have time to look up from their smartphones. After all, money isn’t pink and it isn’t easy to earn. Everyone wants to get behind the wheel of his or her own car instead of sharing a ride. Life is about self-fulfillment instead of togetherness. It’s about me instead of us--with them being the enemy. It’s really sad. I remember popping the popcorn for our neighborhood festival. We had games and offered Kool-Aid for a nickel.

Today, I’m more of a storyteller than a singing poet. Nostalgia graces my memories and I’m working on my second large novel, Penniless Souls which is a sequel to Penniless Hearts. I also wrote a short, faith-based fantasy titled, The Fifth Commandment about a young girl who wished for different parents, thus breaking the fifth commandment about honoring your parents. Right now, I’m glad to be part of the Creativia Publishing family. Recently, Creativia published an anthology titled, Once Upon a Broken Dream. Judging from the varied stories, I imagine there’s a comedian, a sportsman, a dancer or two among our talented members. Every author with a story in this anthology also has their own books and I'm sure you'll agree they are wonderful writers.

 I submitted a short faith-based story called Texting at the Gate. Please let me know if you like it. You can check it out here: 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Peaceful Perspectives

Do you prefer original ideas from a famous author?
"Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The practical sound of science? 
"Peace cannot be kept by force. 
It can only be achieved by understanding." - Albert Einstein

 Do you find hope and strength in faith? 

"If we have no peace, 
it is because we have forgotten
 that we belong to each other." - Mother Teresa

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Beat the Heat at the Library on the 12th!

Saturday, August 12th!
Hobnob with local authors next weekend--
if you're the shy type and socializing isn't your thing, at least come 
say hello to me---Eve Gaal--I'm the author behind this blog--Intangible Hearts and the previous one: The Desert Rocks. I'll be showcasing and signing my novel
Penniless Hearts and a short novella: The Fifth Commandment.

I will also have on hand copies of an
 anthology about women, titled
 Theories of Her which features three of my poems. 

 Libraries are treasure troves 
of information and discovery.
 Create a family experience by 
meeting other immensely
 talented authors of 
children's books, young adult books, non-fiction, poetry,
 local history, non-fiction, even fantasy books. 
Readers of all ages are welcome!

The event is at the Feldheym Central Library 
at 555 W. 6th St. 
San Bernardino

1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Night Swimming

Fiona the wild rescued Chihuahua sent away the ducks but they kept coming back. They were sneaking in at night for moonlight swimming in our lap pool.
It sounds romantic but they were also not using Charmin bath tissues or even those newfangled flush-able wipes. The pool guy would clean around the gluey mess at the bottom and insist on higher fees for managing the indelicate mess. The bacteria level made it a risky swim akin to jumping in a toddler pool after lunch. And the area around the pool became dangerously slippery and downright disgusting.

 Finally, after many silly ideas such as a scarecrow which didn’t work and looked ugly, and a small toy crocodile in the shallow end that also didn’t work, because California ducks have never seen crocodiles, thus have no reason to fear them, we came up with a creative solution. We found a metal sculpture of a menacing peacock. Once painted—it looks realistic and bam—no more ducks. 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dog Days!

 Dog Days of Summer!
This is Pinky and Fiona sitting in the pleasant morning rays.

Did I mention it’s the dog days of summer around here? I am super appreciative for a daytime high of only 112 here, as opposed to the scorching heat at my previous residence located in the Coachella Valley, where I recall heat-waves over 120 degrees. We lived in the desert town of La Quinta for over eight years and what made it difficult was that it often doesn’t cool down at night. The surrounding clay mountains suck up the heat and radiate it back out during the entire evening. It sounds lovely in theory but I remember 95 at midnight. The adjacent city is understandably called Thermal. The temperatures out there are so high that the meteorologists don’t even mention it on the Los Angeles news channels, because then no one would want to play golf, and few would want to visit the gorgeous resorts.

Of course those same forecasters talk it up in winter, attracting snowbirds from the coldest part of the planet.  Unbelievable as it may sound, La Quinta’s weather occasionally competes with the highs in Death Valley. I think where we now reside is probably located half way between both of those places.

Lucky for me, I prefer warm, dry heat and thus Desert Rocks— is the name of my creative writing company. We all have limits and there's also something called a heat index that describes how humidity creates an ugly heat that feels hotter than mere degrees. Here’s my dry weather meter:

1.       75-Perfect weather for almost every outdoor activity. (Especially dining Al fresco).
2.       85-Nice but don’t ask me to do any gardening. (Honestly, I don’t pull weeds or do windows in any weather.)
3.       95-Let’s go swimming!
4.       105-Maybe I’ll read a book or take a nap. 
5.       110+Plus--Put on the air-conditioning and no one gets hurt.

Pinky is becoming overheated in this picture.
Her tongue and body language indicates
 that she needs to go inside where it's cooler.

How about you? What’s your limit?