Friday, January 6, 2023

Revised Post for The New Year!

 Just a reworded reminder for the New Year-- taken from my previous blog--The Desert Rocks. Happy New Year to all my friends and family members

The Eleventh Commandment



On the Back of the Tablet

There are many different ideas about love, and most of them require following the golden rule of give and take. If I give on this particular thing; I'll be able to get some of what I need. In other words, most relationships are not based on unconditional love, but on a series of conditions. Then, after years of problems, couples wonder why they are having issues. They didn't meet any of the conditions, or maybe they did for a while, but things sort of fizzled out.

Most often the only suggestions are forgiveness and moving on. A modern couple might say they are ready to forgive and forget----maybe with someone new. Whoops. That defeats the whole purpose of this article.

Now, I propose a different approach.

The Eleventh Commandment is an entirely new way of thinking about all  our relationships. To achieve ultimate benefits, it should begin on the very first day, at the initial meeting. The Eleventh Commandment was scrawled on the reverse side of the stone that Moses brought down from the mountain. (a-hem—stay with me here.) At first it sounds easy, but implementing it into the daily routine of our lives makes for a hard commandment to follow. Following this commandment will help you in all your daily endeavors. It will help you make more money; it will help you with your friends and family, and, conditions or no conditions, it will help you hold onto the one you love.

What is it? You want to know, don't you? 

The secret to this commandment has aided multimillionaires like Bob Hope and George Burns live over a hundred years in solid, loving relationships. It has brought fame and fortune to countless individuals who use this as a tool, rather than a way of life. You don't have to be a performer. Anyone can use this and be very successful. There are countless books available to make the transition easier, but a daily internet search can assist you in the beginning.

Practice makes perfect. This is the one commandment that only you, and your personality can individualize to suit your personal needs. You can study various techniques, act things out in front of a mirror, or in front of friends, and receive immediate feedback regarding your improvement. Once you start, you can’t turn back. Used correctly, you can improve daily, even change the world for the better. Remember the butterfly effect? 

Your use of this commandment will create smiles in people's hearts, warming your friends and loved ones like a winter fire. It may even induce tears of joy!

Without this special commandment, life is a sterile hospital room filled with cold metal and florescent lighting. Without this particular commandment, we are bitter, lonely adults, racing around with rage-filled impatience, on packed freeways, in uncomfortable cars. If you have decided that you don’t like humans or people in general, you might want to take another look at how this commandment can help your attitude. It’s amazing how a smile can change your day. If you want to make a difference; if you want to give and receive the gift of smiles, you can easily implement this into your life today! Yes, you can make others laugh, just by taking on this message of hope, polishing your talent, embellishing your patter, all while administering tidbits of joy.

Turn over a new leaf. Start using one more commandment. And, while every commandment is important, this one is sure to change your life! Turn the Tablet over, and read it out loud in a voice that thunders from the sky....

Thou shalt be funny, and have a sense of humor.