Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Happy New Year-Winners!


Happy New Year!

The Kindle edition of the Winner’s Anthology is now available, and we are seeking reviews to help catapult this wonderful selection of stories into the best Amazon rankings available!

If you preordered a print copy, then you should be receiving this winning collection by the end of the month, and for those who haven’t ordered yet, the Kindle version is available right now! From what I can see, there’s only one review on Amazon, and we need more! Please?

My story is about hope. Hospice nurse, Diane Bell is on duty and she’s ready to “entertain” patient Colleen Poole. While Diane engages Colleen, she begins to learn and question her own future. After all, she doesn’t crochet, knit or even sew. And, while Colleen will be busy as a bee, the more Diane talks, the more she realizes, she needs to prepare her own way too. Read my story, Crocheting in Heaven and please leave a short review on Amazon.

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Thank you in advance!!

Stay warm!

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