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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Desperate Measures

I'm just resting peacefully, minding my own business.
Oh noooooooo!

Hi, my name is Pinky. I have a stepsister called Fiona and you probably know she's very naughty. Unlike her, I'm a good dog. So why does my new mommy want to exploit me?

Am I sexy? She said sex sells.

Her book is only .99 cents until the 16th!! I guess that's pretty good considering there is mention of a dog. I think her name is Lulu. 

She's having a sale on Penniless Hearts and all the marketing information she has been reading made me think I better help out. It was either this or she was going to jump out of a plane holding a banner with a picture of her book. One person told her to wear a bikini in Times Square or ride a horse bareback down the Las Vegas strip with her birthday suit on. I couldn't let her do any of that! (Besides, she just doesn't look good all exposed anyway.) Remember, unlike Fiona, I’m a good dog. She feeds us delicious stuff and plays with me, so it’s fun helping her with stuff. Fiona would never do this. She’s a stick in the mud and always jealous but Mommy has plans for her too. Excuse me but I can't help but quickly wag my tail at this one: she’s going para-sailing with miniature goggles! 

The things we do for love and kibble.
Click on the words Buy it here now ,right under this sentence and it will direct you over to Amazon.   
Please help. Read Penniless Hearts
 and save my dignity today!

Hurry, every dog has their limitations.


  1. It is a good read, Pinky! And you're a very good dog to put up with the wig!

  2. Poor Pinky!

    It's a good book, Eve. It will find its audience.

  3. You look absolutely stunning, Pinky! :)

    Now, we must dress up Fiona and make it even.

  4. Pinky you are a star !
    I have the book already and have been wanting to send it to you so you can sign it !

    Good luck on the sale !
    cheers, parsnip

  5. Thank's for your visit and comment back on my blog it's really valuable for me
    From Hary

  6. I LOVE that photo of your pup! :) This will be such a fun read!

  7. Gotta exploit your doggie's cuteness!

  8. Hi Pinky, has anyone told you how gorgeous you are? Trust me, you really don’t need those hair extensions you are quite sexy enough without. I’ve already read Penniless Hearts but was tempted to buy another copy because you asked so nicely!
    Say hi to Eve from me.