Monday, December 8, 2014

What Did Mac do With Penny?

From Chapter 56 of Penniless Hearts....
Channel 9 News
"I should have brought a first aid kit.” Now he needed to figure out the shortest path back to the television news chopper. “Those bruises are going to hurt.”
“Don’t remind me, they hurt now,” Mac groaned, still smiling at his friend. “I've been crawling and climbing so much my hands are bleeding.” He held up both palms, “I‘m so glad you came to find me.” Mac’s hands were black like charcoal with blood oozing through rough blistered skin.
“I have my selfish reasons,” Darin sniffed, pointing over the edge. “Do you think you could walk around this hill?” He pointed to the rocks between Mac’s  helicopter-wreckage and where they stood above the waterfall. “The chopper pilot from the studio is waiting about four hundred yards from your crash-site. It’s not far. I’ll hold you the best I can.”
“Going down will be tricky, but if I don’t have to go fast, I think I can make it.” Grabbing Darin’s shoulder, he pulled himself up and asked, “Hey, what’s with saying you have your selfish reasons for coming up here? I thought I was special.” Darin encircled Mac’s waist before taking a step.
“Penny, remember? I sent you to get her, well did you?”
Mac stopped to catch his breath, but for a moment, his face looked blank. “Oh her, yeah--well a whole lot of things happened since….”
Darin looked away. He wanted to let go, but Mac clutched his shoulders tightly. “You can tell me Mac,” he said with a somber look on his stubbly face. “Is she alive?” Darin tensed up, waiting for the awful news. Smoke and nerves made him cough again.

Hope this short little piece makes you want to read more. I'm trying to illustrate that Penniless Hearts has excitement, adventure, fantasy and mystery wrapped into a romantic and humorous fairy-tale. In other words, it has something for everyone and with Amazon having special deals during the holidays, you might want to get a few print copies for gifts! 


  1. Loved your book. It was a fun, great read.

  2. I have your book and as soon as my eyes get better I hope to read it.
    That was a great "from chapter 56"

    cheers, parsnip

  3. This is a fun read--everyone should buy a copy!

  4. Hey Eve,

    I'm under instructions from "Penny". She has told me to make sure that all humans and other animals, buy your book.

    Penny's alleged human,


  5. Hope your holiday season is a happy one and filled with book sales.

    Tossing It Out