Saturday, December 27, 2014

Recent Book Reviews and Recommendations

The Most Uncommon Cold I - Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Kevin Turner is a reporter on the run from...Yikes!
As if the world isn't weird enough, this author
creatively invents a horrific setting full
of human ‘shells’ that/who(?) follow him to the Gerald
Ford school where his wife works and a
church where he intends to find solace, only to end up
at the police station where Detective Lawrence
wants to know what’s going on. The flashbacks and memories
kind of tangle with the action but the characterizations and
descriptions are great.

Fast paced and graphic, it’s not the stuff I normally
read but someone recommended it and I’m glad to have read
it. For some strange reason my favorite part
had to do with a giant burrito. Perhaps recalling my own days
at a newspaper when I had to hurry in to a
store for lunch, grab a burrito and eat it in my car before
deadline. Something about deadlines does sound
zombie-ish and the terror of missing a deadline is worse than
any growling hunger. Anyway, that part made
me chuckle and sympathize with Kevin. I liked this book but
it seriously gave me nightmares.

White Fang

17 used & new from $2.84

Perhaps I’m late in the game having finally read
 JackLondon’s storyWhite Fang and yet I feel that now that I’m older
I appreciate the hardship this
combination wolf /dog endured. White Fang’s trials are
interpreted with eloquent, yet graphic detail.
The miraculous transformation is almost mortifying for
the proud son of a she-wolf.
Lured into many bloody battles, the story winds from
Northern tundra, to forest, camp,
river, cabin and finally a stately home in California....
London’s instincts and soulful accounts of
feelings, dreams and travel from White Fang’s perspective
made me reflect on my own rescue dogs
and how they must have felt when they faced commonplace
situations and obstacles in their lives.
If you are a dog lover, then you owe it to yourself to read
this book!

Eula May and the Flim Flam Nun

10 used & new from $7.40

Eula May is in big trouble and every
chapter will make you want to find out how she’s
going to get out of that trouble. Just when you think, 
you've solved the crime in your head
there’s another twist to the story and pretty soon, you
feel like you’re playing Clue and losing, 
all while having a great time. This is Amy Fremgen’s first
novel and I have to say it’s well written
and hilarious. If you enjoy the classic who-done-it,
interspersed with a lot of humor, you’ll love this
book just like I did. I recommend it highly!!

LOVE SHAKES: A ROMANCE (BOXED SET) (New Adult Seduction Series)

The story starts out with the characters literally being 
tossed together during a California earthquake,
while riding in an elevator. After they're rescued, 
the story gets pretty steamy and they come face to face 
with some major issues involving trust. Once I got past what
I personally thought sounded juvenile--things
like `popped my cherry' and `boy toy'--I tried to understand
the writer's focus about psychology
and how important therapy can be to people who have suffered
abuse. It's a good message--but back to the story: 
Will Tristan go back to his prostitutes?
Will Joanne run into Michael's arms while at the conference and
forget about Tristan and his insecurity?
Read Love Shakes and find out!

Learning at Home

This book surprised me with tons of resources, links and
fabulous advice for teaching children
not only how to learn but to have fun while learning. At first,
I thought it was going to be about
home schooling but instead it was a plethora of parties, games 
and hot chocolate, crafted to be less
about the classroom and more about the family. The author takes
a monthly look at all the possibilities
that might intertwine with the lessons taught at school and 
embellishes the teacher’s groundwork with deeper
questions and fun projects that even the parent’s will enjoy.
It’s about how to keep children engaged,
entertained and interested in reading, learning and spending
time with others.

If you know a parent who worries about video games and mobile
apps taking control of their child,
then you need to get them this book right now!

Corpus Delectable (Marcy Pantano Mysteries Book 1)

She’s a crime reporter turned consultant.
She lives in a seaside condominium and dresses in khaki pants
when her boyfriend’s out of town. Of course, when he’s around
she’s wearing something sheer but not for long. 
After all, he’s a very busy, good-looking photographer who can
skip out in a heartbeat.
Thank God, he’s in love. Meanwhile, Marcy is the coolest chick
in literature—kind of a female
and very perceptive, Clint Eastwood.
Billington writes this character
as if he knows women inside
and out--not just any woman-- 
but the tough and beautiful kind that
get things done.

If you enjoy exciting stories with 
mounting suspense then you’ll love
Corpus Delectable.
Reminded me of those puzzles where you connect all the dots. 
There’s a lot going on and a lot of dots
but Marcy plans on stringing
everything together so
she can figure things out. When her friend, 
a restaurateur by the name
of Paul, goes to jail for a crime
he couldn't possibly have committed, Marcy
becomes ‘Dirty Harry in a
dress.’ Well almost. 
She’s asking a lot of questions and getting 
deeper and deeper into a
dangerous situation. 
Will she figure out what happened? Will she live
through this ordeal?

Billington pulls you into this mystery until you’re worried sick
about Marcy.
I loved the author’s smooth and easy writing style and dragged 
it out as long as I could, 
but alas, the book ended and now I know what happened and since
you don’t, I recommend you order your copy today!

Chaysing Dreams (Chaysing Trilogy Book 1)

Have you ever started a great book and thought,
“I’m not sure I’m going to like this?”
Maybe it was the use of the first person or
the fact that it seemed too familiar. Was I scared?
The author begins the tension slowly with detailed 
descriptions of the main character’s daily routine,
her friends and her volunteer work.
Very cleverly, her book pulled me right back into high
school,reminding me of my own volunteer work and my own rotten
In other words, I connected with Miss Williby’s character.
Furthermore, my wonderful husband swears he saw me in his dreams,
as a young man and knew he had to find me!
 Miss Williby’s writing is so believable
that I could feel the emotion and her pain.
Every time I came to the word “I,” it made me worry. No, it’s not
me but could, don’t worry...yet 
Perhaps that’s how I define great writing.
It became apparent that I LOVED this book and looked forward to
reading more. 
The more I loved the book, the more I hated the boyfriends.
I’m still mystified about Jack and perplexed about Jim/ Chris.
Truth is I still don’t trust Chris but Tessina did—big time—in fact,
those are some embarrassingly juicy love scenes.
Meanwhile, it looks like there are sequels that will hopefully
answer some of the lingering
questions about her parents and the biological tampering. 
When the end rolls around you’ll be out of breath! What will
Tessina do next? Will love survive?

(These reviews can also be found on Amazon where
 you can purchase any of these wonderful books!)


  1. Excellent recommendations, Eve!

    It's been many years since I've read White Fang.

  2. Eve, great reviews as always! Wow, you've been reading a lot! :-)

  3. It would help to be able to see the covers well enough to get the titles and the authors' names for anyone interested in purchasing (I thought it was just my Kindle, but they're too small here as well).

    I got Eula May yesterday. Read White Fang years ago (I love Jack London). Not a fan of zombie books, but the giant burrito did catch my interest. Don't need a book on learning for kids. The rest do sound good. Great reviews!

  4. All these books but one sound interesting.
    I am still trying to get my brain working again were I can read. It is so awful not being able to read.
    You have been so busy reading and what wonderful reviews !
    Happy New Year !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Eve, I love your new blog. Sorry it took me so long to read it. Your reviews are spot on, especially the one for Eula May (ha-ha). You are a great supporter of writers. You are a great friend and wonderful, creative writer.

  6. Hello Eve, some very interesting sounding books here and yet more for my TBR pile! I read White Fang when I was at school, but it must be time for a re-read. Happy New Year, hugs Barbara x

  7. White Fang is a book that I have heard a lot about, but read it back in 5th grade, so I feel like I never read it it was so (long ago that it seems like a distant memory). I love dogs and think this is one I should reread. :)

    Thanks for sharing all these reviews!