Friday, January 2, 2015

Frozen Sisters Wish You a Happy New Year!

Three blogging buddies inspired me to write this post. Plus, I just finished reading Jack London’s book White Fang.What a marvelous book--White Fang moved from the snow in the North to California where he wasn't used to being warm.(See previous post for my review) My rescued dogs Pinky and Fiona moved with us from the California desert and though we only  moved one hour away, they are both wondering what happened.

Anyway, if you like dogs you'll love these blogs:
The first one: Two Fur-Peeps and A Writer-is a blog about author Shelly Arkon and her two adorable pups, Sir Poops A-lot and Hairball. It’s a wonderful, happy blog.
Fiona catching rays
outside and trying to sleep!
The second one: Two Little Square Black Dogs is where you can visit Hamish and Watson in the Sonoran desert.
Lastly, there’s the informative and funny, Pets and other Critters also about dogs, birds and turtles.

(I don't know how to add audio to blogs and someday I'll figure it out. Until then you'll have to use your imagination.)

 Here's a story about
 Christmas Eve Morning

“Mommy, Pinky ate all my kibble.” Fiona looked at me, tilted her little head and blinked.

“Yes, I know,” I replied. “I’ll give you a snack later. Her whiskers sparkled under the Christmas lights and though she had been a naughty little Chihuahua all year long, she still deserved to eat.

Pinky ran up wagging her tail. “I heard you complaining, you little snitch. What do you expect after crapping on the sofa, you moron?”

Fiona yawned.

“Mommy, let me explain,” Pinky said while wagging her tail. “I’m bigger, I need more food and she’s stupid.” Pinky put her paws on my lap and stared at me with her doe-like eyes.
“How about you go into the garage while I give Fiona some more food?” I tried to pick up Pinky who immediately snapped at my fingers. “I thought Fiona was the naughty one? What’s with you wanting to bite me?”

Daddy put down the newspaper and looked across the room. “Are you okay? If she hurts you then she’s going back to that same rescue facility she came from."

He stood up and put Pinky on a leash and pulled her into the garage while I refilled Fiona’s bowl. 

When I sat down to drink my coffee I watched Fiona staring at the garage door. “Is she in solitary confinement?”

“No,” I mumbled. “She’ll be back soon.” (This is where you play the song, "Love is an Open Door" from the Frozen soundtrack.)

Fiona kept staring at the garage door and wouldn't eat. She looked sad and missed her sister. After I finished my coffee, I stood up and let Pinky back into the house. Minutes later Pinky finished off the food in Fiona’s bowl. 

“Thanks mommy,” she said after scarfing it down.

Fiona yawned. 

(Let it go... Let it go....)

New Year's Eve we had a freak storm over our house which dumped several inches of snow all over everything. It's just not melting fast enough for Pinky and Fiona. Here they are checking out their first snow. 

Music:Do you Want to Build a Snowman?

 Yes, even Fiona wants to wish you a bright and sunny
 New Year and all of us hope your dreams come true!


  1. Hey Eve,

    I'm very familiar with Sir Poops and Hair Ball. Penny reads me all their stories.

    Pinky and Fiona! Ah, the situation sounds so typical of our furry friends. Straight to the dog dish for Pinky and eat Fiona's food!

    They might want to build a snowdog!

    A peaceful, pawesome NEW YEAR!

    Penny's pawtend human,

    Gary :)

  2. Aww, happy new year, Fiona and Pinky. :)

  3. ALOHA and Happy New Year from Honolulu Fiona, Pinky & Co

  4. WOW !
    I knew Fiona was very tiny but Pinky is so big.
    Watson doesn't like breakfast anymore, when your 17 you can do what ever you want.
    thehanish has to eat twice a day so I can give him his shot. I don't bother with Watson any more when dinner comes he is hungry. He gets a afternoon snack.
    Maybe Fiona doesn't like Breakfast ?
    I hope to read more adventures of the Pinky and the Brain opps I mean Fiona and the Pinky !
    Your very sweet to mention The Square Ones.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. You need to get those pups some coats!
    Happy New Year, Eve.

  6. They look very puzzled by all that snow!

  7. So fun to see puppies in the snow for the first time. :)

    Wishing you a Happy New Year and a fabulous 2015.

  8. Happy New Year to the reluctant snow doggies! I read White Fang when I was a teenager. What a memorable book. You have inspired me to reread it, Eve.

    Thanks for the mention!

  9. My daughter said that she read White Fangs long time ago too. May be we will check and see if they have it in the library.
    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
    May be you can check out "Desert Canyon Living". The blogger writer Inger really loves her dogs.

  10. You should do more of these posts, Eve!

  11. Awwww.....that was sweet! I love that your dogs were rescued, that's awesome. So cute to hear from the doggies themselves! lol!