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Monday, October 5, 2015

50 Reasons Social Media Takes Time

1.       Think up a blog topic
2.       Unsubscribe from a catalog company(Can be difficult)
3.     Wade through promotional emails before deleting
4.   Clean out the cache on your Smartphone
5.   Manage cookies
6.  Clear browsing data
7.  Disable phishing
8. Wish everyone a Happy Birthday!
9. Read and respond to notifications
10. Change passwords if necessary
11. Delete spam
12. Select a default browser
13. Change the auto responses
14. Remember your passwords/username?
15. Answer private messages
16. Participate in dialogue with stranger who sent mysterious friend request
17. Think of witty comments
18. Share cute posts with your friends
19. Trolling for ‘Likes’for your author page
20. Pray for all the people you promised you’d pray for
21. Order something online
22. Get distracted by sensational posts
23. Create or join a group or two or three
24. Float around Pinterest until you’re ready to bake something
25. Visit other blogs, leave comments then return to see if they got answered
26. Print a recipe
27. Edit your profile picture
28. Change your cover photo
29. Add a clever sounding bio
30. Endorse a professional friend
31. Ask for a recommendation
32. Search for interesting groups to join
33. Write the blog for heaven's sake
34. Search for a copyright free picture
35. Respond to blog comments
36. Copy, paste & spellchecker technicalities. 
37. Figure out how to email a scan
38. Proofread and edit your post
39. Answer questions for an interview
40. Go on a blog hop
41. Write a review and post it.
42. Visit groups and mention or advertise something
43. Create an ad
44. YouTube videos
45. Retweet or send an email
46. Play a game-match three-invite your friends and die.
47. Stare at weird photos
48. Rate and recommend a book other than your own
49. Select inbox messages and read, save or trash
50. Add books to your shelf
Should I go on? There's more....
What's your favorite social media time-suck? 


  1. I have to confess...I skip a lot of this stuff. I block all game requests, rarely return to a blog after I comment, wouldn't do blog hops even if held at gunpoint, dropped Pinterest, LinkedIn and my Facebook author page a long time ago. The most pointless thing I do is collect recipes, since I can't cook. But you have some things here I really need to be doing. Good post!

    1. I dropped Pinterest too. Wow does that take time!

  2. Fortunately some of those don't apply to me, but blogging, Twitter, and emails keep me busy enough. Toss in a couple joint blogs and I'm sometimes overwhelmed.

    1. I should spend some time on Twitter. Heard it can be great for authors.

  3. Replies
    1. This isn't all of it. My mind was reeling as I wrote this!

  4. I can relate with the wishing of happy birthdays! It's exhausting. lol

    1. I don't have that many friends so it doesn't take too long!

  5. I'm trying to figure out why I haven't gotten any birthday notifications. It could be that I'm just a moron or have selective sight. I don't know. But like Norma, I skip a lot of that stuff.

    1. I think you're anything but a moron. Very smart to skip stuff!

  6. No wonder I’m always so exhausted! Brilliant list Eve but please don’t add anything more to it, or I just won’t cope. :-)
    PS Pinterest keeps me happily amused for hours.

  7. Hey Eve!

    Maybe we should include reading blog after blog after blog part of the social media list that suddenly makes one realise that several hours have gone by and that you get so confused that you end up doing a run-on sentence that seems to probably end up having nothing to do with the topic in the blog.

    Of course my "favourite" social media time-suck is reading all those fascinating, vital to my life, profile updates on "Farcebook", everyone's favourite social "notworking" site!

    Have a nice weekend, Eve.

    Gary :)

  8. It's amazing how much the internet has taken over our lives. Put on those running shoes and start jogging around the internet daily.

  9. Right now Twitter chats are my time-suck.

  10. I'm still staring at weird photos. Did you know that NASA is hiding pictures of a giant UFO hovering over Earth?