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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Finding Your Inner Artist

For those who know how to paint but aren’t painting because they're too busy. Or for those who want to learn to paint and the most interesting group, those who think they know how to paint, but haven’t been brave enough to try. There’s also those who did try but didn’t like what they saw and gave up. Bad. Very naughty group. Don’t ever give up!! Perhaps someone laughed, or you yourself became overly critical. We can be so hard on ourselves. I know this from experience. Whether singing on a stage or writing poetry, we need to lighten up and try again. Rework, repaint, restore, rewrite, edit, renew, decorate!

This reminds me of a wobbly bench my husband made for my mother. He had never taken wood-shop but attempted to make a simple bench from used pine, adorning it with green paint and red tulips. Though the bench was weak and not a safe place to sit, mother loved it, proudly placing it outside her front door. I think it made a great place for potted plants. As time went on, it took on a country-style patina and looked even better before finally falling apart. It really was a cute bench and it was certainly artistic. 

How do you define art? Of course, there’s a basic way to hold a brush and some elementary fundamentals about mixing colors but let’s say you don't understand all of the hundreds of technical aspects but want to do it anyway. Who will stop you and who would dare say your completed creation is not art? (Do not listen to bratty older sisters and brothers because they were born to intentionally give you a hard time about everything.) Do you only like paintings that look like photographs or do you enjoy cubism, impressionism and pointillism?
By Miro

 How about getting in touch with your own version of shabby-chic such as the aforementioned bench? There are many, many variations on a theme and multiple canvases waiting for your perspective. Before I wrote this post, I saw a website dedicated to a painter who paints on the ends of logs. They were gorgeous and inspiring. Speaking of inspiring, one site I visit often is March House Books which highlights children’s book illustrators and painters. Have you seen those paintings on old saw blades? I have a relative (through marriage) who paints on silk. She's amazingly talented and becoming famous in her own country. Even I tried to paint desert landscapes onto rocks for paperweights and while I wouldn’t say I’m horrible, I prefer writing to painting.

The point is, you should invest in the paint and be the artist you were meant to be. Best of all there’s no such thing as “perfect.” Find time to create artwork part-time and share it online, so the world can see and benefit from your unique vision. We are waiting to see through your eyes. When can we see your work?


  1. I was never good at art... I could pencil sketch some landscapes, but that was about it. I tend to veer artistic creativity through the camera instead.

  2. First of all I am a fan of Miro. I see the world in the paintings.... anyway
    Everyone should paint or draw. Who cares what it looks like.
    I love coloring books with my children. But I made sure they had more plain paper for their own ideas.
    Lately I have seen a lot of coloring books and postcards like , Secret Garden,for adults to color.
    It is very relaxing. Everyone should try it, so much fun.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I haven't done much with paint because I so enjoy using pencils. It would be fun to try pointillism with a brush though. What an inspiration you are, Eve!

  4. How do I define art? If I'm looking at something and have to ask what it is, to me it's not art.

    I was an artist, mostly portraits, but these days, my hands shake too much.

  5. I'm taking a friend with me to paint our pets to a canvas. The place is called Painting with a Twist, they allow you to bring your own beverage. I"ll be taking Miller Lite. :)

  6. I leave all the art work to Penny the Jack Russell dog. Although I rather good at stripping, stripping paint, that is.

    Take care, Eve.

    Gary :)

  7. Hello Eve, what a lovely post and with a mention too, thank you so much! I’ve not held a paint brush in years, but maybe I should try again. Although I might attempt a little light decorating before I buy a canvas!
    Regarding Disneyland – we are going to Paris, such a shame! I would have smuggled a cake in my hand luggage if it meant we could share it.