Thursday, November 5, 2015

Empowering Fashions?

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s no wonder the catalog companies are testing my postman’s biceps. Poor guy must really get a workout schlepping all the fashion, gift and toy catalogs. Last night I flipped through a couple of my favorites and realized I’m hopelessly out of style. I used to know what to wear but moving to a deserted golf course for ten years has altered my sense of style. Silk blouses were too hot when the mercury rose past 89 degrees and suit jackets slumped on a chair most of the day. At least I’ve learned that shorts aren’t for middle-aged women. Skinny, tall or short and plump,

please don’t wear shorts to anything. Not even a golf tournament. They are ugly and unless you’re one of the Bud girls or something, don't even consider wearing shorts with boots.

But what do I know? I like dresses and I cannot lie. My favorite dress style is from before my mother went to school and I also love the vintage dresses from when my grandmother went to school!There's no denying the pink, the lace and the style of the dresses from the early part of the 20th Century glorified the weaker sex. Something my extra large athletic build and 5 foot 9 inch stature can only dream about. Weak? Me? Not unless I'm sick.
Ubiquitous jeans, however are my go to, for cool days and long winter nights.

Let me get back to these fashion catalogs and what women are subjected to wearing in 2015. Certainly nothing "weak" about either of these acceptable styles:

 1. Severe political statement, candidate-style suits
 2. Robin Hood meets Peter Pan (Angled bottom- flowing tunic, leggings and ankle boots)

Thanks to John T. Molloy and his book “Dress for Success", I wore imposing navy blue suits for many years. Honestly, I’m not exaggerating or dramatizing when I say a manager handed me that exact book after noticing my handmade little frocks. (Yes, I used to sew romantic, ladylike dresses.) Some of my "power" suits have followed me from the L.A. hustle and bustle where they served me well. They also did a pretty good job in Temecula and later I transported them out to La Quinta in the desert where they collected desert dust for ten years before recently moving to Wildomar. Now they just gently stare and wonder why I haven’t donated them to Angel View, our local charity.With manly lapels and straight skirts, the suits fill me with guilt for working from home. They also remind me of the 80’s and 90’s. Can’t think of too many great reasons for keeping them but political office? Not a chance!  

Anyway,back to the second group of catalogs from my soon-to-be buff postman. What’s with that "Saving the World look" ladies? Don’t forget, Robin Hood and Peter Pan, though fictional characters, are both young men. Have I missed something important while being busy along the path of life? After all, I picked up People Magazine at the dentist and perused Us and Glamour Magazine before getting a mammogram. I mean how did I become so oblivious?

Of course, all the models look gorgeous in their leggings, flowing tunics and ankle boots but for lack of a quiver filled with arrows, you’d think we live in a place like Panem from the Hunger Games. Have women decided to give up femininity all together for the sake of political correctness--or is it to fight? Engage in battle? Win? Will I be outed as an enemy due to my weak looking, dress-wearing tendencies?   Should I swap my suits for tunics and leggings and join the androgynous march into tomorrow wearing tough looking ankle boots? Maybe I can arm-wrestle the postman and put a feather in my cap? Nah, I prefer tea-length dresses accompanied by intelligent conversation and a side of chocolate biscuits. Or perhaps a rendezvous at Starbucks, wearing my loose fitting jeans. 

(P.S. I'd mention the catalogs specifically, but don't want them to get mad at me. 
If you're curious then please send me an email-evegaal at gmail and I'll give you the name of the catalogs.)


  1. Severe political statement is a fashion now?

    1. Well there are some candidates wearing them and I think they look outdated.

  2. At lest you could fit in all these styles and work the look ! Plus your old suits. I would love to wear dresses.
    I wear pants all the time (one leg is double the size of the other) with some sort of lose top. So my style has not changed for at about 20 years.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Living in a warm climate has endeared me to the coolest of the styles, which are dresses. Just because I admire feminine attire doesn't mean they fit. LOL

  3. Boy, do you and I have different tastes! I haven't worn a dress in at least twenty years. I'd feel silly in anything that's even a little frilly. I'm a denim gal--jeans with tops in bold colors. Sandals until it's too cold. No heels on any shoes! I love hats, usually fedoras. Crossbody bags or backpacks.

    1. I love crossbody bags and jeans but when we go to church or dinner, I prefer a dress. It has a lot to do with my large physique. I've always wanted to appear as feminine as possible but that's just me. :)

  4. Some of the styles now are really odd.
    Good thing t-shirts and jeans never go out of style.

  5. I love jeans! I also like flowing skirts. It is interesting to look through magazine and take in the latest fashions. I am way behind the times!