Monday, January 11, 2016

Setting Writing Goals

Happy January

Words don’t stop at the end of the year--
they tumble out--
stumbling forward,
one syllable at a time.
They can stop like a train hitting snow--
when it’s cold--
In flurries of excuses,
dropping snow-like blizzards onto our hearts.
A blanket over the nose--
we shiver from something called writer’s block.
But hey,
it’s January and the tracks can be cleared.
Rum in our tea,
a cozy sweater?
It’s time to thaw the ink in our veins.
Eastern Standard? Pacific Mountain?
Daylight Savings? Greenwich Mean Time?
Who cares?
It’s YOUR time!  
A month of endless possibilities.
Grab your slippers,
pull back the covers!
Release those swirling plot-lines,
Unleash the hounds circling inside your head.
There’s a story,
probably a book,
to fill with poetic words,
waiting to happen.
Dare I say, waiting for submission?
Lure readers into your
creative web,
keep them entertained,
make them run for tissues,
have them laughing and begging for more!
January is a great month for planning
and you have thirty-one days
to prepare,
and warm up
to a brand new year of potential.

Well? Cozy yet?


  1. Very clever! It is our time. No snowy excuses.

  2. Terrific !
    I enjoy your poems.

    Love the last part...
    "thirty-one days
    to prepare
    and warm up
    to a brand new year of potential."

    I am doing that right now cleaning up, packing away and throwing away and trying to start new.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  3. I'm starting my spring cleaning now. I have a storeroom that's starting to look like an episode of Hoarders!

  4. "It’s time to thaw the ink in our veins."

    What wonderful imagery! Love it.

  5. Hey Eve,

    Nicely seasonal and it does seem reasonable. The New Year, without fear, it's clear and to you, my dear, a cheer.

    Gary :)