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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stormy Haiku!

Giant ocean swells
 Off the coast of Hawaii.
I wanna surf, Not!

There’s a place called Haiku on the Island of Maui, where surfers have named the area Jaws. This week, some of them were falling over 40 feet from the top of a wave! Here’s a 46 sec. YouTube video if you’d like to see some of the incredible footage or maybe you’d like to plan one last surfing getaway. May I suggest packing light and leaving your affairs in order? 

 I’ve never visited Maui but the name Haiku sounds inviting, as well as inspiring. Take a walk through our U.S. El Nino winter with some of my stormy Haiku.

The end of a drought
scene; quenching a thirsty state,
With giant mud-flows.
The cliffs dissolved--
Multi-million dollar homes
Crashed into the sea.
How high is the snow?
It’s a blizzard in the east
Everywhere you go.
Our car is buried.
Someone will have to shovel.
Stop looking at me!
 I’m so glad winter
Wants to finish its business--
So we can move on.


  1. I agree - not! That's got to be like hitting a brick wall when they fall.

  2. Great waves and terrific haiku !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Where did the storm go?
    Oh look, to the west she be!
    Stay away from me!!


  4. Hawaii is very photogenic. It never takes a bad photo!

  5. Hi human, Eve,

    Good grief! That really is a surf's up situation. Hawaii? Not bad, thanks!

    I'm loving your Haiku! Haiku!, sounds like a sneeze! :)

    Here's to the hope that spring shall bring.

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

    Penny xx

  6. I dread a long, hot and humid summer. The Farmer's Atlas for 2016 gives a gloomy picture of what to expect.

  7. Love the haiku! No waves for me, thanks;).

  8. No waves for me either -- especially after seeing THE FINEST HOURS yesterday! Lovely, fun Haiku's. Thanks for visiting my blog today!