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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Embracing the Champion Within

Loving others is impossible without loving yourself. There are many sad, lonely or scared people who don't understand this concept and feel egotistical and selfish about self love. Remember that you cannot feed others if you yourself are weak and hungry. A doctor can't help a patient if he is ill. The same goes with everything. If you want to find love, then please try to love your incredible self first and you'll soon find you won't feel alone. Here's a poem to share with your humble, self-sacrificing friends.

The Champion Within

When champions meet,
 they face off with a smile.
They don’t smirk or act haughty,
They might embrace for a short while
not smug--seldom naughty.
A champion is a leader--
the happiest face to see--
a sort of electric Walmart greeter.
like a rescued dog that may not qualify
but instead steals hearts--
no lies--
like triple sevens on a slot.
Not necessarily the winner,
but someone you want to know--
someone you’d take to dinner,
drag everywhere you go.
You recognize the qualities there,
cautious steps--excited splashing
in puddles or pools everywhere,
elated laughter while dashing--
committed and thorough--
reaping what they sow.
Extras they give away
glad to make room--
grateful for the day--
butterflies and blooms.
The spirit inside your reflection,
joyful and bold--
a type of magnet for your affection--
rarer than any titleholder’s gold.
The irreplaceable and exceptional you—
your first friend

your true blue.

Do you know you're a champion?


  1. That is a true champion and leader all right. He's one who brings out the best in everyone.

  2. This is great rhythm, Eve, and so, so true. Loving yourself brings so much happiness that it's easy to fall in love with such a spirit!

  3. This is lovely.
    I like the way it sounds when you read it outloud.
    You are so very talented.
    How are you doing, any fires near you ?

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  4. You are so right! It's like on a plane, put on your own oxygen mask before you try and help others.