Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sharing November Surprises

I was delighted to find out a poem of mine had been accepted by Poetry for All. The publisher selects one poem for a chapbook that features one sole poet. They then create artwork around the poem and distribute them like gold doubloons or scattered seeds. My little booklet is #1371 and here’s what it looks like:   
The inside not only has my poem but a
lovely illustrated overleaf created especially for this poem.
Perhaps my poem will travel across the country in a warm overcoat and then turn up later in another person’s beach bag. While I’m going to distribute them at book signings, I imagine the publisher will be sharing them too. Let me know if you ever come across my poem, Ear Buds. If you order a signed copy of Penniless Hearts or The Fifth Commandment from me directly, I'd be happy to add a copy of the adorable poetry book. But there's no reprinting. When they are gone, they'll be gone to travel the world. Anyway, either email me or reach me through My Website.

The Back Cover

Most of my online followers have already read the latest, Fall edition of our Guild’s magazine but if you missed my story, Home Banner Cafe then here’s the link. This month, Straitjackets Magazine has something for everyone including: poetry, suspense, mystery and even my little romance. I've attended many different writing groups in my life but the extraordinary members of The Diamond Valley Writer's Guild keep shocking me, surprising me but most of all, impressing me at every turn. It's an understatement to say I'm proud to be a member. 


Hey, it’s November! The month of thankfulness, when even small things like a published poem and a story in an online magazine can mean so much. Writing is a way of sharing my heart with friends and those who follow this blog. Of course, there are the big things such as health, friends, family and God, that I hope none of us ever take for granted.
Sadly, I used to work so hard that I shamefully forgot to be grateful and learned my lessons the hard way. Take a lesson from my past and cherish those around you. But first, take time to care for your own feelings, your own health and even your own physical and intangible hearts.   

Is there something small but meaningful, that you are especially thankful for this season?


  1. Hi Eve, it would be wonderful if booklet #1371 made it over to my part of the world. Scattered seeds do travel on the wind so it’s perfectly possible.

  2. Good reminder about being thankful.
    That's great about the booklet! I'll let you know if I see one.

  3. As nightmarish as this year has been, I find I do have several things to be very thankful for, Eve!