Saturday, November 11, 2017

Top 10 Canine Truths Proving It's the Heart and Not the Brains

Yesterday I saw another one of those videos where the dog helps around the house and seems to be able to do everything. Of course, most of these short films are created to make us laugh, but this particular clip was about a service dog that held the shopping basket and ran up and down aisles in a supermarket. This brainy dog could do it all. Made me think of my little mutts, who can’t do anything, except shed hair, make a mess and bark. So the more I thought about it, the more I realized how important they are and all the various things they do to make me happy.

1.       Good Security
No one had better come within twenty-five feet of our property, even though the houses in our neighborhood are standing about twenty feet apart.

2.       Mail Alert System
It’s like a sophisticated App you can download for your Smartphone. Want to know when the mail arrives? Ask Pinky and Fiona because they will let you know! In fact, they will let the entire neighborhood know. 
3.       Comfort
If I’m tired or sick, they like to snuggle. If I’m angry, they’re on my side. If I’m crying, they will lick my tears away. This alone is worth the price of admission.

4.       Laughter
I love comedies, variety shows and most comedians. I even have a good friend who does stand up. But these two fur-babies, Pinky and Fiona, can make me double over in laughter just from a silly expression. Most of the time, they crack me up.

5.       Exercise
There are several types of exercises associated with Fiona and Pinky. Generally, there’s a daily walk for Pinky. Fiona doesn’t obey anyone so I have to go chasing her around the house or the backyard if I want to find her. There’s also exercise obtained by cleaning up the mistakes. As inside dogs, they get confused about optimal places for doing their duty. I think all this confusion adds a couple of years to my life. Which is a good thing, right? Sometimes I dream of being that sedentary writer who can focus on her manuscript instead of the aroma coming from the hallway.

6.       The Economy
Indisputable proof:
See the big heart?
With pets, it’s hard to save money but spending it helps the local economy. Not only is there some sort of foreign collusion in the dog-toy business but the kind-hearted vets dish it out with a smile. Plus there’s that city license, puppy pads, snacks, leashes, sweaters etc. When a Chihuahua can chew through a fifteen-dollar toy in one day, you know there’s something wrong with this world. Recently, Fiona had a bout of stomach flu and we took her to the Emergency Pet Hospital. Six hundred dollars later, they sent us home with a fancy X-ray and said she’d be fine. I’m proud to say, both dogs are a boost to U.S. capitalism and sadly, cheaper toys are not an option.

7.       Listening
      One major problem with the world is listening. Almost everyone has an opinion. Even the nicest folks go around telling other people what they think without listening to their friends. There are enough people in the world to trade in friends for new ones if they don’t agree. It’s like people who dump their dogs at the animal shelter when they move.  I have high school and college friends who have left me behind for new friends because I may not have immediately rushed to agree with their political viewpoints. Makes me sad but at least Pinky listens to everything I say. Fiona may not always listen to me but she hears me. Her ears move like antenna trying to find meaning in my words that her tiny little mind cannot process but her heart tells her to keep still and keep listening because her mommy loves her very much.

8.       Foot Warmers
There’s nothing better than reading a book and having two very cute friends keeping your toes warm. The downside is that they too are relaxed—leading to not-so-adorable emanations--commonly referred to as Chihuahua farts.

9.       Crumb Catchers
Forget the vacuum. I have built in little sniffers who find every fallen morsel.

10.   Love
There are few places in the world to find unconditional love, that’s why I recommend the Animal Shelter. Both of our pups were rescues and every once in a while, with tails wagging, they come and place a paw on my chest, and look me straight in the eye. That’s when I feel the overwhelming thank you and the love. Of course, it might also mean, give us a snack or we’ll piss in your bathroom, but honestly, I feel the gratefulness.  

Understandably, those clever videos with the smart dogs make my dogs look like dummies, but these two cuties have underappreciated talents and are sweet enough for me.

Do you have super intelligent dogs or lovable dogs like mine? 


  1. Of course they alert you to any intruder, they are watch dogs in Mexico !
    I just love Fiona very large ears. She is very beautiful but NAUGHTY ! Pinky is just the smartest gud dug ever plus a love.
    You are very lucky to have such gud friends.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I can't imagine life without at least two wonderful hoodlum dogs like Pinky and Fiona!

    1. At least two...think how much more exercise I could get with a couple more?! Lol

  3. They are great vacuum cleaners.
    We had dogs growing up and they were such great companions. So accepting and loving.

    1. Wonder if anyone ever named their dog Rhumba or Hoover? Lol

    2. I named one of my Scotties Kirby after the vacuum. Everything on the floor was hers. God I miss here so much.
      I wanted to name iwinston Hoover but son didn't like it

  4. My husband keeps reminding me how expensive it is to have a dog and how heartbreaking it is when they are ill or worse. He is right of course he is, but I miss the companionship and the love and yes even the paw on my chess and the piss in the bathroom! I can’t stop laughing over that, but it is oh so true.

    1. I have lived without and don't think I could again. 😎⚘⚘

  5. Hey Eve,

    As Penny just told me, this was a "pawfect pawst!"

    Dogs can be such important parts of our lives. Indeed, treasured family members who teach us about unconditional, non-judgemental love.

    Fiona and Pinky are wonderful examples of intelligent, lovable dogs.

    As for Penny, she does have the ability to read my mind using her extra sensory pawception!

    All the beast, um, all the best,

    Gary 😀

  6. Dogs are good company- and yours are all ears!

  7. I see you are picking on sweet Fiona again. Saying her little brain doesn't process your words! I think she has you fooled and is just playing dumb. You think possibly she has outsmarted you all these years? I loved the read... And the fact that you really do love those sweet babies. Well done, Eve.

  8. I've had many, many dogs in my life.

    Only one was a real dummy. He'd sit on a snowbank and stare into our mailbox for no apparent reason.

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