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Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Impossible Dream of Julian Pie

This week, we took a short day-trip over to San Diego County to visit the town of Julian. We haven’t been there in ages and wanted to see if anything had changed. The last time we came, over ten years ago, we stayed to watch a wonderful theater production of The Man of La Mancha.

Other than a few price increases, the California historical landmark has stayed the same. It’s an old west town known for picking apples. They also sell apple juice, hard cider and the secret reason for our trip—yes—delicious pies.
Downtown Julian
 There are antique shops, crafts and specialty foods for sale on Main street and plenty of hiking opportunities for the entire family.
I think that's the fire-station

 We passed a few campsites on the way, noticed some wineries and after we parked the car, we took a stroll in the old Pioneer cemetery. 
Resting under a lovely oak

From what I understand, there used to be a gold mine around there, and it’s still open to visitors.
This place had some unusual antiques.
I knew if I went in there it would take hours to get me out.

 We were lucky to be able to go during the week, as I imagine it gets busy on the weekends.
My chivalrous knight in front of the pie place.

 All in all, we had a wonderful day and recommend it as a short getaway from the noise, stress and general hullabaloo of the city.

Have you been to Julian?


  1. It looks like quite a place to explore!

  2. Looks like a unique and fun place. Did you enjoy your pies?

    1. Yes, in fact we bought two and froze one. They don't last long around here!

  3. What fun, I have driven by but never had the time to visit.

    We have Apple Annie's in Willcox. Pick your own apples,peaches, pears and of course pumpkins. Then there are lots of crops already picked like corn and watermelon. Plus pies, bread and candy. A few things I can not have !

    cheers, parsnip and badger

    1. You don't honestly think I'm allowed to have pie, do you? Lol

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