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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Pinky and Fiona Update

I don’t have much to say except they are confused about outside and inside. No matter what happens it is either too cold or too hot outside for them. Inside is much nicer. In their eyes, it’s luxurious.  We can leave them outside for an hour and they will either head for the emergency puppy pads in the bathroom or, if they don’t feel like climbing stairs, they might leave little puddles near the door. On the unlikely chance that they make it to the pad, they put their front paws on the pad while their backside is hanging off anyway. I guess they get points for trying, but it’s not that cute. Or fun to clean up. Still, they are loved. Bunches.

Anyway, the weather will change but it won’t make a difference. These two want indoor plumbing for dogs. I can’t argue with that. Wish my engineer dad was around so I could ask him to build me some sort of canine flushing station. Or a doggy litter box with fake grass that tickles their bellies just enough to remind them where to go. There has to be a solution. After all, man has gone to the moon and my dad helped with that.
Any ideas??


  1. I know Fiona and Pinky are sweet, very cute and much loved but. . . .
    I am sorry but Chihuahuas are bred as watchdogs till Paris Hilton came to TV. Very stubborn anklebiters who really don't care to please you. Tucson is over run by them.
    We were looking at a chihuahua mix and the foster mum said don't adopt she can turn in a second plus she attacked Hamish.

    Daughter and Son both worked at the Humane Society and they could tell you stories. If I see a person walking one I give then lots of room.

    The best thing you can do is have a place for them to go. Use a clicker and special treats (liver only snacks here) put them on a lead and walk them to the spot every 1 to 2 hours. That is what has worked for me.
    It is a huge pain.
    Agatha was a 4 year old when we adopted her, who was living with a hoarder and needed to learn where to potty plus no jumping on dining tables and kitchen counters.

    I wish you lots of luck but I am not sure what will really work for you and them.
    I read where some apartment people have a grass low box and have trained the dogs to go there. Maybe one inside and outside of your door ?

    Wish I could help more.
    Nice photo of them I miss seeing them.

  2. Afraid not, Eve, I was hopeless at training, I wish you success and soon 🤭lovely little dogs x

  3. So find someone to produce your idea for a doggie bathroom. Who knows. People might think it is wonderful!